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Streamline your fleet’s fuel payments and electric vehicle (EV) charging transactions 

The EV & ICE (internal combustion engine) fueling package crafted to keep your electric vehicles in motion, offering charging options both on the road and at home. 

A mobile app showing a successful paymentA mobile app showing a successful paymentA mobile app showing a successful payment

A complete set of solutions for fleets of all sizes 

Simplified management

Access all your EV data, account admin, reporting, advanced tariff management and 100% transparent pricing for your fleet in one portal, with customised push notifications for all your drivers to support them on their journeys.

Extensive reach

Charge on the go with a vast network of 625,000 stations across Europe. Get intelligent and practical charging recommendations based on your drivers’ location.

Charge at home and work 

Improve charging accessibility for your fleet with an app allowing your drivers to view and access charge points and charging data at home, work or any other private location. 

Streamline your EV charging process, contributing to improved operational efficiency for your business

  • Easy access to charging stations with our network of 625,000+ stations across Europe.
  • Find nearby charging stations easily through the app. 
  • At home and work installation of charging ports for easy management. 
  • Assign cards to individual drivers or to vehicles in shared fleets, easily blocking and replacing charge cards.
  • Online portal combines reporting, transactions, billing, admin and tracking all in one platform.
An application showing EV transactions

Take control of your fleet management 

charging across Europe
online portal for your needs
configurable CPOs
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Expand your capabilities and save more in the process 

Access to user and vehicle data

WEX EV platform allows you access to data on charging sessions, energy consumption, and costs for your fleet.

Decreased range anxiety

Concerned about running out of power? Extensive on-the-road charging network, featuring numerous accepting locations, ensures convenient workday charges for your peace of mind.

Home and Depot energy monitoring

Fleet managers who’s drivers charge at home are able to monitor energy consumed for those sessions in their portal and reimburse drivers based on their home charge volumes.  

Trusted provider  

Charge your EVs on the road, at home, or at work, and effortlessly track all your fueling and charging activities on a single online platform.

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