05TH MARCH 2019

Leading fuel card provider, WEX Europe Services, has seen significant growth for Esso Card™ acceptance in the Netherlands. This has been achieved through ExxonMobil’s Branded Wholesalers growing the Esso branded fuel station network. 25 Esso-branded sites have been added to the network in January and February this year, following the addition of 87 stations in 2018. The new forecourts, of which more are planned throughout 2019, will help businesses improve fleet and route efficiency by providing drivers with a greater choice of locations when travelling throughout the country.

Beginning in March 2018, ExxonMobil and their Branded Wholesalers, have been embarking on a significant expansion of the Esso branded fuel station network in the Netherlands. The new sites improve Esso Card™ coverage across the country, particularly in areas such as Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. In addition to the Dutch network expansion, ExxonMobil and their Branded Wholesalers will also be looking at growing forecourt numbers in Belgium, with more filling stations expected to start accepting Esso Card™ soon.

The newly added sites give businesses greater freedom in their daily operations, while the expanded choice of forecourts allows Esso Card™ customers to minimise the amount of time they spend looking for places to refuel – so reducing the need for detours and shortening journey times. Drivers can feel more secure knowing there will be a location on their route that accepts their fuel card; an especially important factor for companies that travel widely and cannot always plan routes around filling stations, such as delivery companies and taxi firms. The expansion will also make the use of Esso Card™ easier for fleet managers, allowing them to reap additional benefits that include reduced administration time, consolidated, VAT-compliant invoicing and access to Esso Synergy fuel.

“We are excited to bring the benefits of an expanded Esso Card™ acceptance network to our customers located or operating in the Netherlands and, soon, the wider Benelux region,” states David Holdcroft, European Sales Director at WEX Europe Services. “Our collaboration with ExxonMobil and their Branded Wholesalers to provide our customers with additional sites is part of our combined effort to improve fleet efficiency and provide optimal service for fleet managers and drivers across the entire European network. With this latest expansion, it is more convenient for drivers to refuel and route deviations are minimised, resulting in time and money savings for our customers.”



About WEX Europe Services:

WEX Europe Services is a leading fuel card provider, offering tailored service solutions to help improve fleet performance and efficiency. Since the acquisition of the Esso Card™ portfolio, drivers have access to more than 12,000 fuel stations throughout Europe – at competitive rates. In addition to fuel cards, WEX Europe Services also offers state-of-the-art fleet management tools, including WEX Telematics, access to Velocity online account management, e-route and toll services.

Founded in 2014 and with offices across Europe, WEX Europe Services is a joint venture between US-based, WEX Inc and UK-based, Radius Payment Solutions. Now, with over 1.4 million fuel card users, and a growing network across the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg, WEX Europe Services offer greater convenience to both fleet managers and drivers.

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