WEX Europe Services, owner and supplier of the ESSO CARD™ throughout Europe, has announced the promotion of Luca Menicocci to Head of Sales for Italy, a move that is testament to the positive impact he has made to the company’s position in the country, since joining as sales manager in 2014.

Talking about his first few months in the role, Luca, said: “This has been a busy, but exciting time for me. As my role and responsibilities have grown, I feel I now have the chance to unlock more of my potential to deliver greater value to the company and in turn, have a positive impact on our community.”

As Head of Sales, Luca is responsible for leading and managing direct reports to help achieve sales targets across the country. This includes promoting a better environment amongst the work force to help them achieve outstanding results.

Luca added: “I will be collaborating with HQ on specific and individual employee matters that require input, language and cultural support from local leadership. Where applicable, I will also be accountable for local compliance and governance issues, such as health and safety.”

Over the last few years, the Italian fuel card market has been in a state of constant evolution. As a result, this has seen large oil companies join forces, leaving the market or adopting new business formats.

In response to this, Luca said: “At WEX Europe Services, we have been observing the demands of our customers and have integrated extra services to our offering, such as tolls and telematics, in addition to fuel. We are also looking into the possibility of being able to use ESSO CARD™ across a wider network in Italy and abroad.”

In his new role, Luca is well aware of the challenges he and his team face in further developing WEX Europe Services in the country.

“Most people are still not very familiar with our brand as we are considered to be a young entrant in the market. However, with the link to Esso, we have a strong identity and better visibility, which puts us in a great position. This is a rapidly evolving market, in which we need to be making changes in order to compete. Our ability to implement long-term plans, as well as embracing the change, is very important.

“Esso is completing its retail network transition to a branded wholesaler format, while WEX Europe Services is planning the roll out of market leading technologies. These are important steps to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. Managing customer relations and keeping them at a satisfactory level during this transition is clearly another challenge for us, but one we face with confidence and optimism,” Luca concluded.