WEX Europe Services is delighted to announce that it has partnered with WeForest to create Eco Miles, a new scheme which will support Esso Card™ fuel card customers in reducing the impact of their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

To help its customers reduce their carbon footprint, the programme offers a way to help customers fund the planting of new international woodlands, giving WEX Europe Services’ customers the opportunity to achieve environmental sustainability.

Being environmentally responsible

Carbon emissions are an unavoidable consequence of business for many of our customers. This initiative offers a way to reduce your carbon footprint and invest in environmental projects around the world.

Trees draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and offer a fantastic, natural way of reducing the impact of fuel emissions on the Earth’s atmosphere. By working with WeForest, we will be supporting the planting of new woodlands and reforestation efforts across the world.

  • Forests stabilise the climate by sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and fixing it into soils and biomass

  • Fifty per cent of a tree’s biomass is carbon, which remains stored, and acts as a ‘carbon sink’, unless the tree decays or is burned

  • Global forests are estimated to hold more CO2 than the atmosphere

  • Forests balance Earth’s water-cycle – essential for cooling the climate
  • Planting trees in developing countries creates jobs and helps lift entire communities out of poverty


Customer benefits

By signing up to Eco Miles, Esso Card™ cardholders can be proud of their contribution towards planting new woodlands and forests around the world, immersing themselves in a project that will allow them to reduce the impact of their fuel consumption and make a genuine difference to the planet.

WEX Europe Services is confident its new programme will inspire partner companies to engage further in carbon reduction activities.

Available to any size of business or fleet throughout seven countries of WEX Europe Services’ network – the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium; the Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg – Eco Miles can be an influential and revolutionary initiative that WEX Europe Services is optimistic its customers will endorse.

Managing Director, Malcolm Joyce, said: “By investing in Eco Miles, customers have the unique opportunity to achieve environmental sustainability through this carbon initiative. We consider sustainability as critical to our future success and that of our customers.

“Esso Card™ is a recognised brand in fuel cards, so we are delighted to be working with WeForest, supporting scalable reforestation projects.”

More information on Eco Miles can be found here.