Our Network
Esso Fuel & Petrol Stations

Cut costs, improve efficiency and invest more in your business when you sign up for a fuel card from WEX Europe Services.

Tap into our extensive network – with a multi-card acceptance of 5,776 UK and 21,266 European sites.

With sites across the UK and Europe, you’ll benefit from better route planning because your drivers are never far from their next refuelling stop.

You’ll never need to make another long and costly deviation, because our fuel stations are strategically located to provide maximum coverage alongside major routes, border crossings and ports. If you sign up for more than one card, the benefits are even better, as you’ll have access to even more sites, for even more efficient route planning.

And that means quicker deliveries for your customers, increasing your reputation and customer loyalty.

A brand you can trust

Both your business and drivers are in safe hands with fuel cards from WEX Europe Services. Our sites provide everything from food and drink to full vehicle cleaning facilities. The network also includes specialist sites for trucks with raised canopies, dedicated lanes, high-speed diesel pumps, separate parking, and 24-hour facilities.

Whether you’re operating a fleet nationally or internationally, we will help you find the perfect fuel card and the right network to suit both you and your drivers’ needs.

Reach your customers
quicker with e-route

We provide a free route mapping tool called e-route. It is quick and easy to use by both drivers and fleet managers. It saves you the unnecessary costs of inefficient route deviations and reduces time by providing a simple to navigate map of available fuel stations. So your drivers can get to their destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.