The most efficient solution
for vehicle tracking

Asset and driver management, saving your
business time and money.

The most efficient solution
for vehicle tracking

Asset and driver management, saving your
business time and money.

Monitor your fleet and improve driver
performance whilst also reducing costs


Track your fleet on the go with the WEX Telematics app


Reduced fuel costs*


Monitor and improve driver performance


Set up security features to prevent vehicle misuse


Integrates with your fuel card


Full journey history for all drivers and vehicles

Discover the features of WEX Telematics:

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WEX telematics give you the full picture of your fleet’s performance

Use integrated Esso Card™ (or multi-fuel) data alongside WEX
Telematics vehicle tracking data to help you streamline your fleet

By having all of your fleet’s performance data in one place, it makes it much easier to manage your fleet.

Below are just some of the ways in which you could benefit:


Ensure that you get to your customers as soon as possible with WEX Telematics’ journey planner. Real-time traffic data provides you with the most efficient route


Drivers are scored against a range of bad driving habits which are as inefficient as they are dangerous. Cutting out bad driving will also help cut fuel costs by up to 20%


Link WEX Telematics with Esso Card™ to see the full picture of your fleet’s performance. See where and when each vehicle was refuelled and what miles per gallon it is achieving


Get peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are safe. Set up restrictions regarding vehicle usage and receive notifications to your mobile if these are broken

Esso Card™ customers get exclusive discounts on WEX telematics products

Find out how much a tailored telematics and fuel card solution could save your business

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*Based on market research of Radius Payment Solutions Limited, over a 1000 mile monthly usage this equates to 7.65%