Toll Services &
Charges in Europe

Get to your destinations faster and gain additional data for more efficient route planning by using your fuel card to pay for toll services.

Toll services are common throughout Europe. In fact, all European Area countries have toll services of some kind.

There is three main types:

  • Cashless – these use a small on-board unit (or OBU) to charge for the number of kilometres driven.
  • Toll gantries – you need to stop and pay with a payment card.
  • Vignettes – you must purchase a ‘vignette’ to gain authorisation to travel on the roads for a set period.

In Germany, there are over 12,000 kilometres of road, while France has over 11 different toll road operators covering 34 different routes – each with their own price and charging structure.

The different toll road systems, the choice of road and the diverse payment mechanisms can make it difficult to find the best route for your drivers and the fastest way to reach your customers.

But by using your fuel card to pay for toll services, you can pay for vignettes, link your fuel card to on-board units and even use it to pay at toll gantries.

  • Get these great benefits when you use your fuel card for toll services:
    Choose the best routes for your drivers, ensuring you reach your customers faster and provide an outstanding customer experience – which in turn, helps to build your business’s positive reputation.
  • Cut the queues by using automated toll lanes and on-board units, so when other vehicles are stuck in traffic, you can sail through ahead of your competition.
  • Get better visibility of the routes your drivers take, with invoices that break down the toll routes used. This can help identify where more efficient trips could be made, saving you time and money on your fleet running costs.

* The availability of payment methods varies depending on the country. See here for more details.