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We think globally, and act locally. Core to the WEX mission is acting as an engaged and responsible corporate citizen.

In the global WEX family, 'social responsibility' is more than a phrase; it is a way of living, embodied in our history of giving back.

We offer our time, money and expertise to worthy organisations in all of the areas where we operate. We believe it is our obligation as good business people, and as humans, to pay attention to our workplace, our community, our future, and our planet.

The Giving Back Committee is responsible for WEX's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts – activities that positively impacts and promotes the welfare of the community.

WEX's CSR efforts include not only generous donations to good causes, but also activities, which allow employees to get involved and play their part in giving back.


WEX Australia proudly supports

Go Girl, Go for IT

Collaborating with VIC ICT, which is a not-for-profit organisation that operates to increase the entry, retention, and progress of women in the ESTEAM industries. The VIC ICT programs offer opportunities that focus on women of all ages, from students to women in university, through to those already in the industry.

As part of VIC ICT Program, VIC ICT offers a ‘Go Girl’ one-day event focusing on encouraging students to explore different education opportunities including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics careers and alternatives. Opening up the possibility, that anything is possible.

Mentoring for Women in Tech 1:1

Working together with VIC ICT also provides a mentorship program mentor(SHE:). This mentorship program supports women in matching mentees with industry-experienced mentors. WEX believes that mentorship plays a crucial role in helping those achieve greater success pairing industry leaders with employees and those externally to help support in engagement and increase opportunities.