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As a leader in the fleet industry, our products and services are used by businesses Australia-wide to manage and run their vehicle fleets.

There are over 500,000 WEX fuel cards being used across Australia. We can bring more customers to your door and help you bring the best out of your business.

Join up to accept WEX Motorpass fuel cards and enjoy the following benefits

  • Business growth accepting WEX Motorpass fuel cards opens your business to a whole new customer base.
  • Reduced bad debt – becoming a WEX Motorpass fuel merchant means you can transfer all of your trade accounts to card payment. This means no more chasing overdue invoices as WEX manages all the risk for you.
  • Guaranteed payment our merchants receive electronic direct deposit payments into their nominated bank account each month
  • Simple reconciliation we provide you with regular statements making bank reconciliation easy and hassle free
  • Complimentary promotional material – as one of our merchants you will receive complimentary promotional material (signage and point-of-sale) to help attract as many customers as possible

Interested in running your own fuel card program? We can help you

A number of companies have partnered with WEX to develop their own fuel card program with our expert support.

Our customised fuel card program provides you with a valuable offering for your existing clients and another way to attract new customers.

WEX can provide you with a product that:

  • Integrates easily with your processes
  • Provides comprehensive accounting information
  • Generates data and insights that can help you grow your business

You will also have access to our expert customer service and sales team who can help you boost the success of the fuel card program over the long-term.