As a result of the wholesale price jump over the last two weeks, we have seen a huge jump in Diesel prices. With continued issues with natural gas supply and high prices in Europe – there are pushing up the global diesel prices again. With the reinstatement of the fuel excise this is putting pressure on freight costs and it’s expected to see prices continue to rise over the next few week. We can also expect to see a new round of fuel surcharges being added to many industries. With that being said however, if you’re Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney now is the time to fuel up!

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Current ULP average: 175.7cpl

Price range over the last week: 165.9cpl – 223.7cpl

Slight fall in average prices in Brisbane over the week – we’re expecting the price cycle to come in towards the end of the week.


Current ULP average: 173.9cpl

Price range over the last week: 163.4cpl – 210.9cpl

As always Sydney is following suit with a slight drop in prices, though no sign of a price cycle yet – but it can be expected.


Current ULP average: 176.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 161.9cpl – 200.3cpl

Melbourne is also likely to see price cycles towards the end of the week


Current ULP average: 188.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 158.9cpl – 219.7cpl

ULP in Adelaide peaked at 199.9cpl last week with many retailers still sitting at this price now. It could be relatively slow discount cycle this time due to the retail margins after the excise reinstatement.


Current ULP average: 175.1cpl

Price range over the last week: 160.7cpl – 199.9cpl

Perth is currently at the bottom of their fortnightly price cycle – we can expect to see pump prices for ULP jumping to 199.9cpl or possibly higher this coming Wednesday.

Darwin (no price cycle)

Current ULP average: 184.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 169.5cpl – 186.9cpl

The effect of the excise is slowly starting to show in prices in Darwin – it’s expected we’ll see another 5-10cpl flow through over the next week

Hobart (no price cycle)

Current ULP average: 189.4cpl

Price range over the last week: 169.0cpl – 199.9cpl

Similar to Darwin, Hobart can also see another increase over the next week increasing between 5-10cpl.

Retail diesel prices

Current Diesel averages:

ACT – 228.2cpl

Adelaide – 230.8cpl

Brisbane – 230.3cpl

Darwin – 230.9cpl

Hobart – 231.6cpl

Melbourne – 227.7cpl

Perth – 227.1cpl

Sydney – 229.6cpl

Big jump in retail diesel prices this last week off the back of the high spike in whole sale prices in the last 7 days.

Wholesale trends

Wholesale petrol prices increased this week with average TGP prices going up by 3.8cpl.

Wholesale diesel prices increased this week with average TGP prices going up by 14.9cpl.

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Information is based on average price trends up to 10 am AEDT on 17 October 2022. The predictions are based on past fuel price trends and estimated forecasts, and should not be taken as a guarantee of actual or future performance. Fuel price data is aggregated from state government price reporting schemes and from WEX Australia fuel card transactions. Please note: Hobart and Darwin do not experience price cycles.


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