As a small to medium-sized business owner, we understand the challenges you face, especially during potential crises. In Australia, we have experienced the impact of bushfires and flash flooding, which can disrupt businesses, particularly those with fleets. To help you navigate these challenges, we offer strategies to prioritize safety and maintain efficient operations.

Develop a Comprehensive Action Plan:

Create a detailed plan for severe weather and fuel shortages, and share it with your fleet. Include driver responsibilities, reporting protocols, contact information, and training resources. Keep a copy in every vehicle and the office for easy access.

Stay Prepared:

Stock vehicles with supplies like snacks, blankets, first aid kits, and flashlights. Maintain clean vehicles for better visibility. Communicate to drivers to refuel when they reach the halfway mark. Provide cell phone chargers and download apps like WEX Motorpass for real-time fuel prices.

Promote Safety during Severe Weather:

Remind drivers to review the action plan and ensure vehicles are stocked and fueled. Encourage cautious driving and leaving space between vehicles. Look out for road hazards and consider staying put or pulling over when conditions are dangerous.

Stay Connected during Fuel Shortages:

During a shortage, rely on specialized sources for accurate fuel information. Fleet card providers like WEX offer updates on availability and pricing. Use the WEX Motorpass app to find open stations and real-time fuel prices.

Obtain Real-Time Fuel Prices:

The  mobile app provides drivers with up-to-date fuel prices. It helps them make informed choices, especially during shortages or storms. It shows open stations and fuel types available.

Ensure Safety and Efficiency:

When crises strike, prioritize employee safety and smooth operations. Prepare for unexpected challenges by having a plan in place. Improve communication across your fleet, clarify driver responsibilities, and ensure their understanding of priorities during crises.

Remember, preparedness and connectivity are vital for a safe and efficient fleet. We stand with you during these challenging times and are here to support your business.

WEX is an innovative company that simplifies the business of running a business and has used AI to assist in preparing this content.