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Posted September 29, 2021

HSA Day 2021


Healthcare cost savings. Retirement-planning concerns. Investment needs. These are just a few of the things that human resources professionals are trying to solve for when offering an employee benefits package to their employees. Did you know a health savings account (HSA) can help with all of them? Do employees who are offered an HSA know? 

National HSA Awareness Day (or HSA Day) is October 15, 2021. This year, we’re focused on supporting HR to ease these employee concerns by empowering them with the tools and information they need to have conversations about HSAs with their employees. 

What will you get on HSA Day? 

We’ll be talking with industry leaders and inviting other HR professionals to join us as we talk through key challenges they face and how HSAs may be a solution. The versatility of these accounts means they can solve for a number of employee concerns, but that same versatility can also cause confusion. A few key points we’ll talk about are that: 

  • HSAs can help employees save on hundreds of eligible expenses
  • These accounts are employee-owned, so they stay with the employee even when he/she changes employers.
  • All funds in an HSA carry over from year to year, so they can serve as retirement-planning tools.
  • HSA funds can also be invested for additional growth. 

Tackling employees’ healthcare and retirement worries is critical because they are among employees’ top concerns and can affect productivity

Who will you hear from on HSA Day? 

We have some exciting guests joining us for this year’s HSA Day podcast episode! You’ll hear unique insight into HR challenges and HSA perks from: 

Don’t wait for HSA Day! How can you take part now? 

We are already sharing valuable HSA content on our blog, social media accounts, and HSA Day webpage leading up to the big day. To get all of the content you need to support your employees: 

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Hayden Goethe

Hayden is a content marketer for the benefits division of WEX. Hayden joined WEX in 2017 after nearly 15 years in journalism as an editor, writer, and designer. He's focused on providing thought leadership content to help our audiences get the most out of their benefits experience.

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