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We have fleet cards to meet the needs of any business. Let’s find the right one for you.

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Fuel cards are smarter than credit cards and safer than cash

Fill up company vehicles anywhere. Track fuel expenses automatically. Get special fuel discounts and save on products and services that help you manage your business cars and trucks more efficiently.

  • Compare WEX cards for your small business or large fleet
  • Make it easy for drivers to pay for gas and diesel and all approved expenses including fuel, coffee, snacks, tires, and repair services
  • Streamline reporting and transaction reconciliation – no more expense checks

Features to consider when selecting the right fuel card for your business or fleet

Pick a fuel card that collects data on purchases and on your drivers

The right fuel card will give you the power to track and monitor the fuel purchases of every driver in your fleet and collect data on your overall fuel consumption. By understanding your fuel expenses, you can begin to figure out the best ways to save.

Good data will help you analyze information like fuel purchases by employee, fueling locations, and price paid per gallon. With access to details about the purchasing patterns of your drivers, you can pinpoint areas of improvement and savings.

Pick a fuel card that controls your drivers’ purchasing power at the pump

The best cards will include more security features to help you control and limit the purchasing power of drivers. As a fleet owner or manager, you can set limits for each driver by requiring them to submit their unique PIN before making a purchase. You can also require drivers to enter vehicle odometer readings to monitor gas usage and better understand your fleet expenses.

These security measures can also prevent card misuse by another person. Cards can be set with fuel limits and provide alerts for any attempts at unauthorized or over-the-limit purchases. You’ll want to find a fuel card that allows you to set limits on fuel purchases for each driver per day, per week, per year – whatever works best for your business.

Pick a fuel card that controls purchasing power at convenience stores

In addition to fuel controls, look for cards that allow convenience store purchases that can be customized or limited for each driver profile. With the right card features, you can be in control of which drivers have access to fuel only vs. fuel and other purchases.

Businesses should be able to determine whether certain drivers — or an entire fleet — can pay with their fleet card for things like convenience store products, vehicle service and maintenance, and roadside service.

Pick a fuel card that gives you online access

Gone are the days of collecting paper receipts and driver records. With the right fleet card, the account information for every driver will be at your fingertips and easily accessible for convenient record-keeping. You no longer have to be at the office to access all your driver information. With the right fuel card, online and mobile access is at your fingertips to handle any issues on-the-spot.

Pick a fuel card that sends alerts to your drivers

With the right tech-savvy card and mobile technology, the business owner or fleet manager can be sent notifications if something goes wrong during a transaction. For example, if a driver PIN is declined at the pump, or if a driver tries to make a purchase that exceeds a spending limit that the owner/manager has set in the online portal a notification will be sent back to the office to alert you.

Pick a fuel card that has strong security features

The important difference between a fuel card and a credit card is the ability to limit the usage to only fuel, convenience store purchases, and service stations. While a credit card can be used anywhere, potentially exposing you to misuse or theft, a fuel card is designed for specific fleet card purchases and tracking things like purchases and mileage for each drive.

Pick a fuel card with convenient locations in your fleet regions

Whether you do business in the northeast, the southwest, or anywhere in between, choose the card that has the largest number of convenient locations. Universal fuel cards are accepted at gas stations from coast to coast, saving you the time and the hassle of trying to find the nearest location in a smaller fuel network.

Pick a fuel card with GPS tracking for fuel savings and fraud protection

Fuel cards that offer free integration or pairing with a GPS tracker are the best choice for saving money. GPS tracking provides fleet owners and managers with driver and vehicle location, fueling location, and the amount of fuel pumped. Combined data on fuel purchase and consumption can help fleet managers find areas to improve their overall fuel spend.

To protect against fraud, a GPS tracker can detect the number of gallons pumped compared to tank capacity, picking up any “extra” tank fillings. The tracker will also show the location of the fueling compared to the location of the truck or vehicle. Theft or misuse can be detected, for example, if the card is used at a station on the highway but the truck is located miles away at another stop.

Pick a fuel card with excellent customer service

One of the most important features to consider with any fuel card is the customer service provided for driver support. You don’t want your drivers slowed down by anything fuel-related. Getting fast solutions to keep them moving is essential.

Pick a fuel card with reasonable fees and service charges

When shopping for a card, ask for a fee schedule. You can compare the monthly fees and service charges to make the right decision for your business. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. If you have a card that gives you excellent reporting features to help you save on expenses, but comes with fees that are a little higher, it may be worth that short-term investment to allow for long-term savings and convenience.

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