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Simplify the business of keeping your vehicles moving

Take control of fuel and charging payments for optimal savings, enhanced efficiency, and uncompromised security with WEX fleet cards.

Large fleets

For mid-sized to large fleets of 20 to 1,000+ vehicles, get your drivers everywhere they need to be with fuel cards made specifically to save you money, EV solutions, vehicle GPS tracking, and fleet analytics to optimize your deliveries.

Small business

Your company cars and trucks help make your business run. WEX provides you easy-to-use and manage fuel cards to help save on expenses and make all your fueling payments easier to manage.

Government fleets

WEX government fleet cards give you powerful tools to increase security, streamline processes, and help fleets be more efficient. With advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we’ll help you cut costs and improve fleet operations.

Trucking fleets

Cut costs and more accurately forecast with our trucking fuel cards and fleet solutions. From fuel card purchasing behaviors to industry trends and even tax payment tools, WEX helps you stay informed, find savings, and streamline fleet operations.

Fuel card and fleet payment solutions designed for your business

Simplify the ride with fuel cards

accepting retail fuel locations in the U.S.
automotive maintenance locations accept WEX cards
customers rely on WEX fuel cards

Find the right fuel card and fleet payment solution for the way you do business

Unlock the value behind your payments for fuel, EV charging, and vehicle service. Organizations of all sizes can access an online platform to manage operations, oversee payments, and make data-driven decisions to optimize fleet performance. 

50+ fuel card options for however you do business

For small businesses, fuel cards:
  • Are purpose-built, unlike credit cards
  • Are more secure than cash
  • Can provide deals that may be otherwise unavailable
  • Can help build credit for your business
For trucking fleets:
  • Save thousands per year in fuel discounts alone, and get exclusive discounts on tires, maintenance, wireless plans, and more
  • Industry-leading security and control, with add-on solutions to improve efficiency and performance based on your exact needs
For large fleets:
  • Allow drivers to purchase only authorized goods
  • Reduce fraud risk by controlling and defining authorized purchase types, amounts, and times/days of the week
  • Increase control and visibility of fleet operations
For government fleets:
  • Streamline processes to control and optimize fleet spending—including tax exemptions, recovery, and reporting
  • Improve driver experience and security
  • Save on fuel and other authorized purchases

Unlock new capabilities with greater savings

Maximize fuel savings

Get competitive pricing on fuel purchases, giving businesses access to discounts that result in immediate cost savings.

Achieve greater operating value

See the value behind your payments for fuel, EV charging, and vehicle service, all in one place. 

Easily track your spending

Use our leading online platform to quickly analyze your fleet operations, discern insights into fuel spending and consumption trends, and optimize spending across your fleet.

Strengthen security

Access real-time monitoring, alerts, and spending controls to help prevent unauthorized purchases and minimize the financial impact of fraud.

Stop asking, “What If?”

Find out how WEX solves fleet fuel and management challenges.

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