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Help your employees take full advantage of HSAs

Choose a health savings account (HSA) with WEX to give your employees a simple way to pay for eligible medical expenses, save for retirement, and/or invest.

Simplifying a valuable way to save for what matters

Flexible investment

An HSA is a great way for employees to save for upcoming healthcare needs, invest for future retirement, and spend funds on qualified expenses, tax-free.

Personalized messaging

We recognize the importance of educating HSA users, resulting in time put back on your HR department’s plate and participants making informed decisions on how to get the most out of their benefits.

Expert support

WEX has a variety of service channels and educational resources to reduce employee questions for your HR team.

Simplified processes ease the burden of HSA administration

  • Offer a customized product that meets your business needs while streamlining the employer and participant experience.
  • Help employees get the most out of their HSA with automated, year-round personalized education.
  • Understand effectiveness and employee behaviors and make data-backed decisions on your benefits.

Watch the episode of our Benefits Buzz podcast at right to learn more about designing an HSA that works for you and your employees.

WEX technology powers more than 8 million HSAs

We provide white-label and private-label solutions with fully developed and tested content that drives measurable outcomes by leveraging account data and history.

Simplified onboarding tools

WEX offers an array of tools to make onboarding employers easier, including many options for adding employees, managing enrollments and funding accounts, as well as support for bulk transferring many HSAs at one time.

Single point of access

Participants are provided one online account, mobile app, and benefits card for all their benefits with WEX.

Fraud protection

WEX offers fraud prevention tools to help administrators proactively identify and prevent potential fraud before accounts are funded.

Seamless integrations

Manage your HSAs in your preferred way, whether it’s through integrations that automate your enrollments and contributions or directly in your customized employer portal.

Non-bank custodian HSA assets*

(*as of December 2023)

HSAs on the WEX benefits platform*

(*as of January 2024)

benefits SaaS accounts*

(*Represents Q4 2023 average)

WEX makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to increase HSA participation

An individual is eligible for an HSA if they are:

  • Covered by an HSA-eligible health plan, otherwise known as a high-deductible health plan.
  • Not covered by any other health plan that would disqualify them from an HSA.
  • Not enrolled in Medicare.
  • Not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

Participants are grouped together

Our technology segments participants into similar types of users through predictive analysis.

Personalized recommendations

WEX delivers personalized education for each participant, helping them get the most out of their HSA.

Measure success and impact

Intelligent analytics delivered directly to employers and participants helps maximize the value of HSAs and increase overall satisfaction with benefits.

Benefits solutions for your specific needs

Benefits administration

Outsource all of your benefits administration needs to WEX and access an end-to-end solution to provide great employee benefits.

Brokers and consultants

Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

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