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Simplified payment processing designed for your needs

Customized, cloud-based payment processing solution that ensures secure, simplified processing of business payments worldwide.

Optimize your payments processing

Streamline business processes

Work with WEX experts to design the right payment processing solution that is right for your needs and your unique mix of suppliers.

Reduce the cost of business payments

Improve your bottom line by capturing value from business payments to suppliers who accept virtual payments.

Consolidated reporting

Gain visibility and insights from the most relevant data, all in one flexible and customized reporting dashboard.

One powerful platform

Optimize your payment processes on one customizable platform, featuring automated reconciliation and easy ERP integration for seamless B2B payments regardless of your payment modality.

With WEX’s payments platform, you control your payments with custom spend limits and real-time monitoring, and reduce fraud with virtual cards

WEX supplier enablement experts work strategically with your chosen suppliers to help maximize virtual card acceptance, generating additional revenue for you.

  • Save money and improve capital with AP automation
  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Gain purchase insight

Go where business takes you. WEX will support you locally and worldwide.

payments powered in 2022

Streamline payments and earn financial incentives

Whether you use the WEX payments platform for your own business payments, or integrate our platform into your solution, the process flow includes five primary steps.

Step 1

You control and maintain your invoice data and approval process in your ERP. You identify the supplier payments to be made by WEX.

Step 2

You initiate the payments and send WEX a payment file via API, SFTP, or secure file upload.

Step 3

WEX receives and validates the security of the payment file.

Step 4

WEX emails a customized remittance to the supplier with a secured link to access and process the virtual card.

Step 5

WEX sends a secure reconciliation file back to you.

Modernize and simplify payments with virtual cards

WEX virtual cards improve security and efficiency in your accounts payable process. You can improve your bottom line by earning rebates and eliminating the cost of issuing checks, all while improving the payment experience for your strategic suppliers. WEX customer service and relationship managers support you from onboarding to supplier engagement and process management. That support, along with straightforward file uploads and web service APIs, help you simplify the payments process.

Why work with WEX for payment processing

Our experts

Work with WEX experts to design the right payment processing solution for you.

Our platform

Utilize our cloud-based, virtual-card-driven platform to automate your payments process, regardless of your payment modality.

Your solution

WEX understands that every business has its own set of needs. We will solve for your needs with a payment processing solution that’s just for you.

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