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Identify cost savings from your fleet and fueling data

Manage budgets, find cost savings, and improve fleet performance with insights into fueling and purchasing behavior.

Simplified tracking

Monitor fleet purchases by fuel type, gallons purchased, prices, and expenditures in near real time.

Visual reporting

Review complex, Level III fleet data in straight-forward and compelling graphics that are easy to understand at a glance.

Actionable insights

Gain meaningful insights into spending behaviors to identify areas of overspending and improve forecasting.

Take action to stop overspending

Rewarding cost-saving behavior and reducing fraud is critical to optimizing your fleet operations. Quickly spot and troubleshoot red flag activity and exceptions, identify overspending, and investigate suspicious transactions with ClearView, the WEX fleet analytics and insights tool.

  • Identify drivers whose behavior affects the bottom-line
  • Gain insight on common non-compliant driver habits
  • Choose from message templates to provide drivers with guidance
  • Deploy messages via email or text

Manage your fleet with powerful analytics

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drivers who changed their buying behavior
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Get snapshots of your company’s fueling activities delivered to your inbox

Say goodbye to sifting through thousands of lines of data and complex spreadsheets. WEX ClearView fleet analytics does the hard work for you.

Select your WEX card

Select the right WEX fleet card for your business, giving your drivers the option to fuel up at 95% of retail stations nationwide, including the most popular retail fuel brands in the country.

Create cards for drivers

WEX makes it easy for you to create and distribute cards to all of your drivers, with seamless control over spending and allowable purchases.

Spot instances of misuse

Quickly identify areas of overspending and find cost saving opportunities to streamline your budgeting process and discover new ways to save.

Track your KPIs

Identify and monitor your most important key performance indicators across time periods by product, card, driver, and geography.

Stay informed

Monitor data trends and industry changes in near real time to help your fleet prioritize key cost drivers, identify problems, and optimize spending behaviors.

Powerful analytics for fleets of all sizes

Whether you are a small fleet with basic data questions or a large fleet overseeing hundreds or thousands of vehicles, there’s a WEX ClearView analytics and insights solution to help you manage your fleet.

Snap – Stay informed with easy-to-interpret, highly visual reports delivered directly to your inbox.

Essentials – Explore compelling visuals and drill-down capability to better manage your fleet.

Advanced – Move from insight to action with advanced options to target non-compliance.

Arming fleet managers and owners with advanced cost-saving insights

Quickly view dollars and gallons per month from all drivers to see how they align with your business activity.

Maximize spending compliance

See products purchased by category, and which are non-compliant based on your business practices.

Identify savings opportunities

Compare expenses between drivers and fueling or service locations to find opportunities for ongoing savings.

A full suite of solutions to help grow any size fleet

Large fleets

Get your drivers everywhere they need to be with a fuel card made specifically to save you money, vehicle GPS tracking and fleet analytics to optimize your deliveries, and even benefits administration solutions to help retain your best employees

Small business

You know what it takes to build a business. Your company cars and trucks are both a large cost and a big contributor to productivity. WEX provides you easy to use and manage fuel cards to help save on expenses, keep your employees safe on the road, and make all your business payments easier to manage.

Government fleets

WEX government fleet cards give you powerful tools to increase security, streamline processes, and help fleets be safer and more efficient.

With advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we’ll help you cut costs and improve fleet operations.

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