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Fleet and fuel management mobile apps

Mobile tools designed for a mobile industry. Our apps give drivers and fleet managers on-the-go access to key business information.

Maximize convenience

Use mobile apps for convenient, hand-held access to your WEX account.

Simplify fueling

Drivers can easily find the most convenient and least expensive fuel and EV charging stations.

Improve operations

Make business operations run more smoothly by empowering employees to make smart fueling choices.

A powerful trio of apps tailored to meet diverse fleet and fuel management needs

Fleet SmartHub

Fleet SmartHub: Designed specifically for fleet managers, offering intuitive tools to streamline operations. This app helps managers efficiently handle payment management, expense tracking, and card administration.

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WEX Connect mobile app

WEX Connect

WEX Connect: A useful companion for drivers, WEX Connect allows them to effortlessly locate accepting fuel and charging stations, ensuring convenience and peace of mind on the road. With real-time information on fuel prices and directions, drivers can optimize their refueling stops.

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DriverDash: A digital wallet version of the fuel card, DriverDash modernizes the way payments are made at the pump. This app enhances security, simplifies transactions, and reduces the need for physical cards that may be misplaced.

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Expand your fleet capabilities

of WEX fleet managers download our mobile apps
accepting retail fueling locations in the U.S.
accepting maintenance locations in the U.S.

WEX is accessible to fleet managers no matter where you are 

Using our SmartHub and WEX Connect mobile apps provide numerous  benefits.

Simplify navigation

Assist drivers in finding affordable fuel and merchants accepting WEX cards.

Streamline communication

Stay responsive to drivers’ needs from anywhere.

Increase mobility

Manage fleet cards and accounts from any device.

Boost reliability

Enjoy 24/7 accessibility on your phone.

Bolster flexibility

Eliminate the need to bring a computer to job sites.

Driver app is just as simple

Your drivers use WEX Connect on their mobile device to find accepting locations.

Fleet mobile apps mobile reports and map

Discover services, find the best prices, get directions, and manage cards–all from your phone or tablet

These user-friendly apps encompass a broad spectrum of features and functionalities, all conveniently accessible on smartphones or tablets. From streamlined administrative tasks to real-time GPS monitoring and data analysis, the WEX mobile tools cater to the ever-evolving needs of fleet managers and internal stakeholders, offering consistent access to smooth and efficient management right at their fingertips.

A full suite of solutions to power any size fleet

Large fleets

Get your drivers everywhere they need to be with a fuel card made specifically to save you money, vehicle GPS tracking, and fleet analytics to optimize your deliveries, and even benefits administration solutions to help retain your best employees.

Small business

You know what it takes to build a business. Your company cars and trucks are both a large cost and a big contributor to productivity. WEX provides you easy to use and manage fuel cards to help save on expenses, keep your employees safe on the road, and make all your business payments easier to manage.

Government fleets

WEX government fleet cards give you powerful tools to increase security, streamline processes, and help fleets be safer and more efficient. With advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we’ll help you cut costs and improve fleet operations.

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