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Electric vehicle solutions for every EV transition

No matter where you are in your transition to electric vehicles (EVs), WEX helps you make smart decisions and keep your EVs moving, using your existing WEX fleet card account.

Electric bolt for fleet mobility transitionElectric bolt to EV chargingElectric bolt for EV charging

Choose wisely

Our EV Fleet Converter guides WEX customers through their energy transition.

Charge on the go

Use your WEX account to charge during the work day at a growing network of charging sites.

Integrate EVs

Receive one invoice and report set using your existing WEX fleet account and credit line.

Simplify your energy transition

Making the move from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles can be challenging. The WEX suite of EV solutions helps you decide what vehicles to replace and, as you add EVs to your fleet, allows you to pay for charging and fuel with one credit line and receive integrated reporting and invoicing.

  • Use EV Fleet Converter to understand the feasibility, costs, and benefits of electrifying your fleet
  • Enjoy acceptance at a broad and growing network of charging stations
  • Find available stations with our WEX Connect mobile app
  • Initiate secure, touchless charges with a WEX RFID or the DriverDash app
Electric vehicle solutions

One report, one payment scheme, no matter if you fuel or charge

Cost-saving decision-making

EV Fleet Converter, available at no cost to all WEX fleet customers, helps you decide what vehicles to replace with EVs, provides vehicle and charger options, and estimates government incentives and total cost of ownership savings.

Less range anxiety

Worried about running out of juice? Our en-route charging network of accepting locations makes work-day charges convenient.

Your trusted provider

Charge your EVs on the road and track all of your fueling and charging on one bill and one familiar set of reports.

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Learn how WEX can help with your energy transition