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Simplify flexible savings accounts for your employees

Help your team members save on out-of-pocket qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses, or qualified dependent care expenses with intelligent, seamless, and user-friendly flexible spending accounts (FSAs) from WEX.

We make it easy to offer FSAs to your participants

Simplify your workflow

Our intuitive benefits platform allows you to view and update participant accounts, view reporting, and upload files in one place.

Drive efficiencies

Leveraging our integrations with 350+ payroll/HRIS/benefit administration partners and more than 225 insurance carriers.

Improve the participant experience

One user-friendly online account, one benefits card for all their benefits, and one mobile app help members easily track and manage their benefits, even on the go.

No matter what type of FSA you need, you can find it from WEX

  • Medical FSA: A medical FSA covers general-purpose health expenses and can be used for qualified expenses such as prescription drugs, insurance copayments and deductibles, and medical devices.
  • Limited Medical FSA: A limited medical FSA covers qualifying dental, vision, and preventive care expenses and can be paired with a health savings account (HSA).
  • Combination FSA: A combination FSA (sometimes referred to as a post-deductible FSA) allows a participant to pay for qualified vision and dental expenses until they’ve met the IRS deductible. Once the deductible has been met, their account converts into a medical FSA and more expenses will be eligible.
  • Dependent Care FSA: A dependent care FSA helps participants save money on eligible dependent care services, such as child (up to age 13) or adult daycare, before- or after-school programs, summer day camp, and more!

Watch the episode of our Benefits Buzz podcast at right to learn more about the basics of an FSA.

Streamline your FSA administration with WEX’s industry-leading technology

Take advantage of intelligent carryover

Our process allows funds to be made available on day one of the current plan year, while simultaneously handling carryover funds from the previous year … in a single purse. This simplifies the process of managing carryover from the partner, and creates a seamless experience for participants.

Seamlessly support grace periods

Our innovative functionality makes it easy for partners to support grace periods if employers choose to offer them. Better yet, participants can even use their benefits card to spend funds from their previous plan year during the grace period.

WEX simplifies FSAs for everyone

benefits SaaS accounts*

(*Represents Q1 2023 average)

Fortune 1000 companies use the WEX platform*

(*March 2022 audit)

A better participant experience designed to maximize participation

One card, one online account, and one mobile app. Ease member experience with WEX’s easy-to-use system that accommodates your custom benefits plan. Improve member engagement, satisfaction, and retention with our simplified member experience.

Set annual election

When a participant enrolls through their employer, they set an annual election amount that will come out of their paycheck (tax-free!).

Use funds for medical expenses

Depending on the type of FSA, participants can use their funds to pay for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses, or qualified dependent care expenses.

Track total annual expenses

The funds must be used by the end of the plan year, unless the employer provides a FSA carryover or grace period.

Benefits solutions for your specific needs

Benefits administration

Outsource all of your benefits administration needs to WEX and access an comprehensive solution to provide great employee benefits.

Brokers and consultants

Help your clients quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

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