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Activate supplier engagement

Pay suppliers and vendors your way while generating revenue when you choose virtual cards.

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Pay suppliers faster and earn rebates

Faster time-to-spend

Quickly identify and onboard suppliers to the right payment method.

Pay and get paid

Collect new revenue through rebates when using virtual cards.

One platform, clear reporting

All your supplier payments in one powerful platform, with robust analytics and reporting.

Get your free supplier analysis to see if you’re missing out on potential revenue

Do you have suppliers and vendors who already accept WEX virtual cards? If so, you could be missing out on potential revenue in the form of virtual card rebates.

The six-part WEX supplier enablement journey methodology has successfully onboarded millions of suppliers worldwide. We work with you to provide a deep opportunity assessment of all your supplier payments and to create the right supplier acceptance strategy and necessary reporting.

Get started now by requesting your free supplier analysis. WEX will review your supplier base and show you how many of your key suppliers we already know will accept virtual cards.

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Our supplier enablement experts have a proven track record

accepting suppliers, and growing
years in payments

The supplier enablement journey

WEX brings you broad knowledge of suppliers that accept virtual card payments, comprehensive campaign management to bring suppliers on board, and various payment delivery options to help optimize your payments process. We approach your supplier enablement journey in six primary steps.


Step 1


The WEX proven opportunity analysis and campaign strategies lead to faster time-to-spend with your key suppliers. WEX will collaborate with you to strategically identify suppliers that are candidates for switching to virtual payments.


Step 2

Outreach campaign management

With WEX, you will work with an experienced relationship manager dedicated to ensuring the success of your outreach campaigns. Using our experience across many industries, we have developed best practices to improve supplier participation and drive better results.

Step 3

Supplier engagement

WEX strategically engages suppliers to increase acceptance and rebate revenue through various communication channels.

Step 4

Supplier re-engagement

Our service teams are experts in converting non-acceptors, giving you higher conversion rates and higher rebate value.

Payment Delivery

Step 5

Tailored payment delivery

Your payment delivery options will include email, payment portal, agent, and third-party network, thus meeting almost any supplier preference. You can expect high conversion rates and fewer opt-outs.

Step 6

Ongoing support from service experts

WEX monitors and optimizes solution performance through the life of the contract, to ensure long-term retained spend.

Learn how supplier enablement can work for your business

Financial institutions

Add a robust virtual payments platform to your product portfolio and help clients create additional revenue, with confidence and ease.

 Travel companies

We work with leading travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. We help our clients innovate at scale to win in rapidly changing markets.


Help your customers be more efficient with a B2B payments platform that expands payment capabilities, simplifies management, and helps generate unexpected value.

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