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WEX is comprised of three primary businesses, serving the needs of Fleets, Corporate Payments, and Health. Learn how each business leads the industry with innovative financial technology solutions.


Ian Peters-Campbell, VP of Enterprise Platform Services, explains the technology behind WEX Fleet, Health, and Corporate Payments solutions.

About Fleet

WEX helps fleets big and small save on fuel expenses and improve fleet operations with powerful fleet cards and fuel management tools and services.

We offer:

  • Innovative products serving all types of customers
  • Valuable data for customers
  • Deep technical integration with customers
  • Closed loop network
  • Nationwide acceptance across 160,000 fueling locations

About Corporate Payments

We are reinventing the way payments serve businesses, no matter the industry or continent. Our unique team of experts is focused on building simple, easy-to-use solutions tailored to each business—allowing customers to operate easier and faster while creating lasting growth and success.

We offer:

  • Innovative payments products and technology
  • Simplified payments at every step
  • Personalized support from an expert team
  • Improved supplier relations

About WEX Health

WEX makes it easier to administer healthcare benefit accounts through engaging solutions and innovative technology.

We offer:

  • Profitable partnerships
  • Streamlined funding, purchasing and payment processes
  • Engaging mobile apps and personalized portals
  • Investment in technology, growth, and efficiency