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A modern payment processing platform for your customers

WEX’s back-end platform integrates with your branded solution to optimize your customers’ payments processes so you can focus on innovation and growing your business.

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End-to-end payments for your customers

Simplify customer payments

WEX’s end-to-end payments platform can perform all steps in the payments process.

Partner with a leader

With decades of payments innovation experience, WEX offers innovative customer support throughout the relationship.

Maximize efficiency

WEX’s AP automation can help reduce manual processes and our team of experts know how to drive acceptance of virtual payments.

Seamless and scalable integration

In the fast-paced world of payments, WEX has stayed ahead of the curve as a pioneer of virtual card payments and with our modular payment processing technology. With WEX, you can offer a multi-modal payments processing and reconciliation solution to your customers.

  • Flexible pay-and-get-paid solutions that meet your customers’ needs
  • Customizable processing stack, to support multiple payment types and delivery options 
  • Fast, modular integrations with your customer systems
  • An ever-expanding set of more than a million suppliers already accepting WEX virtual cards
  • Experienced in navigating regional and global regulatory environments
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Scale, stability and reach

in payments in 2022
currencies supported worldwide
engineers dedicated to payments innovation

Simplify your payments with the WEX payment platform

Rely on our platform to manage everything from accounts payable to issuing to transaction processing.

Payment Management

Card account management

System access:

  • Web UI
  • API
  • Batch files

System capabilities:

  • Handles all virtual and physical card program types
  • A/P automation
  • Streamlines receipt of payment and reconciliation for merchants

Payment issuing

Card issuing

System access:

  • Not available

System capabilities:

  • Issuing across both Mastercard and Visa networks
  • 20+ currencies

Payment processor

Card processing platform

System access:

  • Web UI
  • API
  • Batch files

System capabilities:

  • Issuing processor for settlement, authorization, and billing
  • Virtual AP
  • Single-use
  • Static virtual

Payment Delivery

B2B payments

System access:

  • Web UI
  • API
  • Batch files

System capabilities:

  • Automated supplier payments via smart routing, robotics and merchant agents
  • Proprietary network of 125K+ billers and suppliers

Transform your business with increased efficiency and revenue

Peace of mind

A single platform for almost any payment need helps ensure smooth implementation and efficiency.


Our team of experts ensure you have a single point of contact to answer any question.

More revenue

Maximizing the use of virtual card payments adds revenue through rebates that can help turn accounts payable into a revenue stream.


Removing checks and manual reconciliation from financial operations allows you and your customers to redirect resources to core business functions.

Let WEX payments solutions work for your business

Financial Institutions

Add a robust virtual payments platform to your product portfolio and help clients create additional revenue with confidence and ease.

Travel companies

We work with leading travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. We help our clients innovate at scale to win in rapidly changing markets.


Help your customers be more efficient with a B2B payments platform that expands payment capabilities, simplifies management, and helps generate unexpected revenue.

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