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Streamline your payments with virtual cards

Use WEX virtual cards instead of paper checks to save time and money, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Use virtual cards to pay suppliers

Save time

Streamline your payment processes on one customizable platform, featuring automated reconciliations and easy ERP integration for seamless B2B payments.

Increase rebate revenue

Every supplier accepting virtual cards gives you more opportunities for earning more rebate value.

Reduce fraud

Virtual cards offer increased controls, and using a one-time payment virtual card reduces the risk of fraud compared to other payment methods.

Modernize the way you pay suppliers

Virtual cards increase payments security, simplify supplier payments, and improve efficiency in accounts payable payments. Start saving time and money, and improve the payment experience for your suppliers.

  • Simplify how you pay key suppliers using our single-use virtual card number (VCN) payments
  • Improve your bottom line by earning rebates and eliminating the cost of issuing checks
  • Rely on WEX’s knowledgeable, responsive customer service and relationship managers from onboarding to supplier engagement to process management
  • Utilize WEX’s straightforward file uploads and web service APIs, with  no need to integrate with another system
  • Save time with reporting, analysis, and self-service on one platform

Virtual cards are the simple, secure way to pay suppliers

Increase payments security

Virtual card numbers (VCNs) are used for specific transactions and have precise controls attached, including dates of use, types of use, and dollar amount.

Simplify supplier payments

With virtual cards, payment data is attached to each credit card transfer, which automates expense reconciliation and streamlines purchase data analysis. 

Increase efficiency in accounts payable

Virtual cards can reduce time spent on manual processes and deliver payments to your suppliers in a timely manner.

Incremental revenue stream

Earn rebates on purchases with WEX virtual cards.

Streamline payments and earn financial incentives

Virtual card functionality on the WEX payment platform puts you in control of your payments process by enabling a single-use card number, while delivering comprehensive information to your accounting department.

Step 1

You can use your current ERP solution for tracking and approval of invoices.

Step 2

Once you’re ready to make payments, the payment file is sent to WEX via API or secure upload.

Step 3

When your data is received, WEX validates for security of the payment file.

Step 4

A customized remittance advice is emailed to the supplier with a secure link to access the virtual card info in the WEX supplier portal.

Step 5

WEX sends a reconciliation file back to your ERP solution.

Get more with WEX virtual cards

With WEX virtual payments, you also have access to a cloud-based payment platform, and experts helping to maximize supplier acceptance.

WEX payment processing

With WEX’s cloud-based, intuitive processor, your payments are secure and efficient.

WEX supplier enablement

To help increase your rebate revenue, WEX works with suppliers throughout their journey with WEX. This helps maximize the number of your suppliers that accept virtual card payment.

WEX accounts payable

Modernize the way you automate accounts payable by switching to virtual payments.You will reduce manual processes and fraud risk, and improve your bottom line.

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