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Control and automate business expenses with commercial cards

Streamline your commercial card management processes with WEX virtual and plastic card options. The WEX commercial card program allows you to manage automated payments, set card limits and view reports, all in one place.

Strip away the complexities of business purchases with WEX commercial cards

Spend control

Manage authorized purchases by setting limits on your commercial and virtual cards.

Real time reporting

Improve your purchase management processes with WEX online analytics. Easily track any payment and the details that go with it, in one place.

Enhanced planning 

Gain better visibility into purchase trends and patterns, and identify areas for improvement with our detailed reports.

Streamline your commercial card management

Purchasing cards

Reduce the cost and burden of purchase order administration with virtual and plastic card options that can automate recurring payments and manage one-off, manual supplier payments.

Travel and entertainment cards

Control unauthorized expenditures and easily manage your T&E cards in one place.

Commercial virtual cards

Make secure payments to an extensive network of suppliers that accept virtual cards.

Use commercial cards to streamline your business payments

Manage automated payments, no matter how complex, with WEX commercial cards.

Initiate payment

Purchasing or payables team communicates invoice and payment details to WEX for any supplier.

Payment processing

WEX sets up payment instructions coupled with a unique set of card details and remits payments to suppliers in a timely and efficient manner.

Credit management

Supplier receives card and remit details and takes the owed value of their invoice amounts from the card in the form of a transaction.

Transaction processed

WEX matches the payment and transaction details and provides robust reconciliation reporting back to the buyer.

Commercial cards simplify procure-to-pay for any industry

Financial institutions

Add a robust virtual payments platform to your product portfolio and help clients create additional revenue, with confidence and ease.

Travel companies

WEX works with leading travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. We help our clients innovate at scale to win in rapidly changing markets.


Help your customers be more efficient with a B2B payments platform that expands payment capabilities, simplifies management, and helps generate unexpected value.

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Win with WEX

Top 20 U.S. commercial card issuer

The need:

To enhance the treasury services for a major financial institution, a WEX partner needed to implement one platform for travel and expense, traditional payables and virtual cards. The ability to brand that platform, with WEX as a silent, seamless partner powering payments, was critical.

The solution:

The WEX payment platform white-labeled solution was implemented successfully, deepening the business relationships between the partner and the issuer, leading to further implementation solutions.

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