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Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits platform

Deliver a flexible and simple supplemental employee benefit solution with the WEX Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits platform.

Make it easy for employees to spend their supplemental dollars by simply swiping their card

Immediate access to funds

Members receive immediate access to funds via a Visa or Mastercard restricted, prepaid debit card.

Flexible spending options

Simplify payments for supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, fitness, chiropractic, healthy foods, over-the-counter (OTC) items, and more.

Customized for you

You, as the health plan administrator, can offer the right set of benefits for your members with full WEX support.

Create a more versatile health plan for your members

Health plans with a WEX Medicare Advantage flex card are versatile to provide members flexibility on how and where to spend supplemental dollars on various eligible healthcare costs, such as:

  • Dental: Cleanings, fillings, extractions, dentures, emergency, complicated procedures, and more
  • Vision: Routine eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, and fittings for frames/contact lenses
  • Hearing: Hearing aids and other associated expenses
  • Fitness: Fitness club memberships, gyms, and sporting goods stores
  • Chiropractic: Medical chiropractic care
  • Utilities: Benefits for utilities
  • Grocery/over-the-counter (OTC) products: OTC medications, products and health-related foods
  • Rewards: Reward cards for various OTC products, grocery items, and healthcare purchases
  • Non-emergency transportation: General-purpose or non-emergency medical rides
  • And more: Pharmacy, fuel, rent, utilities, and medical co-pays can also be eligible

A Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits platform that is custom, flexible, and meets your needs

Match your brand

WEX offers a reloadable, private-labeled Visa/Mastercard that promotes your brand — and stays with your member.

Customize for your needs

From customizing workflow text to adding collateral that helps educate members, you can create an experience that drives success for your offering.

Configure spending controls

WEX allows flexible account configuration and spending controls based on a segment/population level in the way that works best for you.

Get insights through analytics

Use data and analytics to create a personalized experience for your members and boost their engagement.

States where Health Plus members use the Medicare Advantage flex card

Simplified, easy-to-use member experience

One card, one online account, and one mobile app. Ease member experience with WEX’s easy-to-use system that accommodates your custom benefits plan. Improve member engagement, satisfaction, and retention with our simplified member experience.

Members choose how to spend funds

With an expanding network of retailers offering card acceptance, members have countless options to choose from.

You decide what’s offered and when

A single purse can allow members to use multiple benefits of your choice throughout the year. Or, multiple purses can be used to offer members one or more benefits annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Seamless experience at the point of sale

Members have flexibility with the reimbursement process to boost engagement, satisfaction, and retention. An online portal provides plan information, transactions, tips and advice, and more.

Access real-time balances

Members can access their real-time balances, see transactions, report cards that have been lost or stolen, and request new cards using a single member portal (via mobile app and online account).

Member support from our experts

If members experience any issues, our WEX expert support team is here and ready to assist and overcome challenges, 24/7.

Boost your benefits offering with WEX

Benefits platform

Maximize your customization options and minimize friction to power your program ahead of the competition with the WEX benefits platform.


Choose a health savings account (HSA) with WEX to give your employees a simple way to pay for eligible medical expenses, save for retirement, and invest.

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