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Leverage WEX APIs for payments processing

Developers use WEX’s free APIs to help build secure payment functionality in branded solutions that enhance your customers’ experience.

Build your business with WEX technology

Payments API

Discover the end-to-end power of WEX payment solutions.

Quick Card API

High-speed, high-volume virtual cards.


Get every detail on every payment in real time.

Industry-leading security

WEX APIs carry the same security features as our state-of-the-art platform-level defenses and can be used for:

  • Payments processing
  • Payment management
  • Corporate accounts payable solutions
  • Supplier payments

Our documented technology offers:

  • Advanced REST APIs
  • Cross-border, multi-rail payment products
  • Payment processing in 20+ currencies across 200+ countries and territories
  • Intelligent transaction decisioning and routing

Users of our APIs get:

  • Ability to issue virtual cards at scale
  • Real time reporting and visibility

“We are making our scalable, secure and agile technology available via APIs to developers who want to leverage our long history of solving complex B2B payments challenges. This is developer-focused and caters to their needs.”

Jay Dearborn
Chief Strategy Officer

Integrate your technology services with WEX

Use the WEX developer portal to explore our documentation library and add new levels of customization, self-service and payments integration to your solution offerings through common services and APIs.

WEX works with you – no matter your industry

Financial institutions

Add a robust virtual payments platform to your product portfolio and help clients create additional revenue with confidence and ease.

Travel companies

We work with leading travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. We help our clients innovate at scale to win in rapidly changing markets.


Help your customers be more efficient with a B2B payments platform that expands payment capabilities, simplifies management, and helps generate unexpected revenue

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