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Government fleets

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WEX government fleet cards give you powerful tools to increase security, streamline processes, and help fleets be safer and more productive.

With advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we’ll help you cut costs and improve fleet operations.

“Our city assigns cards to vehicles, so it’s been great to be able to manage our profiles online, add drivers, and order new cards. I can go onto the WEXOnline website and view my whole account… We can run reports by department, making it easier to manage our budget.”

Betty Stackley
City Clerk, City of Pevely Missouri

The right benefits for your fleet

If your state has a contract with WEX, the RFP process has already been done. You can sign up your organization for a fleet card today. For states without existing contracts, the Sourcewell Fleet Card (formerly NJPA Fleet Card) offers the same great benefits.

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Selecting a state will immediately refresh the page

Why choose WEX?

Universal acceptance

WEX government fleet cards are accepted at 95% of U.S. fuel stations. There’s no need to plan routes around where to fuel, or drive miles out of the way to find the right station. We even help drivers find the cheapest nearby fuel.

WEX government fleet cards are accepted at: Shell, Exxon, Mobil, Sunoco, Tesoro, SuperAmerica, Pilot, Chevron, Texaco, Seven-11, Marathon, Gulf, Citgo, Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, Sheetz, BP, Speedway, Casey's, Race Trac, GetGo, Kum & Go, Wawa, Irving, Arco, QuikTrip, Sinclair, Maverik, Valero and Murphy USA, among others.

Purchase management

WEX government fleet cards can be limited to “fuel purchase only,” as well as customized by dollar amount, time of day, day of week, location, and more. You can also receive email alerts based on specific spending behaviors, like incorrect fuel grade, off-hour purchases, and more.

Detailed data availability

Monitor important point-of-sale info for your fleet. Details captured automatically for every purchase include driver and odometer reading, for security and transparency. This level of detail can help you manage the activity and expenses of every vehicle and driver in your fleet.

See how the State of Georgia reduces fleet spending with WEX ClearView.

Optimize tax exemption & reporting

To help public sector customers leverage their tax-exempt status, WEX offers comprehensive tax exemption, recovery and reporting—designed to meet the needs of state, local and federal government fleets.

24/7 expert support

Our U.S.-based service team is available 24/7, so you can always speak to an experienced professional with knowledge of your fleet. WEX is consistently ranked in the Top 100 customer call centers. We’re proud of that.

Products & services

Reduce costs with premium GPS tracking

WEX Telematics lets you monitor data second-by-second to spot performance outliers and inefficiencies that often go unseen. This helps government fleet managers get more out of their vehicles, eliminate waste, reduce unnecessary wear and tear, decrease response times, and improve public safety.

Learn more

Put your data to work

Use powerful analytics to look into your fleet’s purchasing trends, spot anomalies, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Custom reports provide quick, actionable insights.

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Fleet cards & fuel management

WEX fleet cards and fuel management tools help you save money and manage your local, state or federal fleet. Make smart decisions with cutting-edge analytics and reporting that work for you.

Let’s find the right solution for your organization