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Optimize your
bill-pay capabilities

WEX virtual cards and smart-routing technology help you optimize your B2B bill-pay offering.

Smart routing drives acceptance and strengthens supplier relationships

Delivery options

With multiple options, payers can negotiate terms and take advantage of prompt payment incentives.

Global reach

With our ability to move payments across the globe, your customers can settle quickly and improve forecasting and cash flow.

Customer satisfaction

Secure, same-day payments, and reduced errors and overhead help you build and maintain customer loyalty.

Now you can offer automated, same-day payments

Using WEX virtual cards allows you to route payments seamlessly and securely while reducing manual processes, reimbursement, reconciliation time, and fraud risk for your customers. Our bill pay solution is designed to work with technology companies that serve the finance industry.

Our proprietary platform:

  • Dynamically routes electronic payments based on bank processing speeds, payment type, geography, and currency to provide the fastest clearing possible
  • Automates payment processing to remove bottlenecks in payment delivery and reduce manual tasks
  • Provides same-day processing 
  • Is secure and reliable
  • Supports global currencies

Let WEX power your bill-pay offering

Your user interface

You supply the customer-facing user interface, WEX powers the bill-pay functionality.

Payment enablement

WEX handles all the behind-the-scenes functions, including file matching and payment authentication.

Smart routing

We determine the optimal route for transactions based on bank processing speeds, payment type, geography, and currency.


Each payment is concluded with financial data flowing back to the buyer for automated reconciliation.

Use the WEX bill-pay routing for a world-class payment offering

Save time and money

WEX’s payment delivery solution helps eliminate paper checks and the associated costs and fraud risks.

Minimize mistakes

WEX’s bill-pay solution uses virtual cards to help lower your error rate and build confidence with your customers.

Provide robust data

Our innovative remittance delivery channel streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application.

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