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Automate your accounts payable process

From simple to robust, our accounts payable (AP) solutions enable you to drive rebates and simplify your payment processes. Use virtual card numbers (VCNs) to save money and create rebate value from every payment. Our dedicated team engages with and enrolls your suppliers to accept virtual payments.

Drive rebates and simplify your payment processes

Improve your bottom line

Generate new revenue streams and expand spend with our vast network of virtual card accepting suppliers.

Streamline processes

WEX provides an end-to-end payments solution, so you can manage your processes in one place.

Strengthen supplier acceptance

WEX’s supplier enablement experts work with your key suppliers, maximizing acceptance for you and providing an easy process for them.

Let WEX help streamline your payments automation

  • Optimize your payment processes on one customizable platform, featuring automated reconciliation and easy ERP integration for seamless B2B payments
  • Gain advanced security and control over transactions with custom spend limits and real-time monitoring, and reduce ACH and check fraud with virtual cards
  • WEX supplier enablement experts work directly with your chosen suppliers to help maximize virtual card acceptance, generating additional revenue for you
  • WEX’s partnership approach ensures that we are there with you from the beginning, helping to ensure your success
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Accurate, automated, secure payments

WEX payment automation with virtual cards provides integrated invoice settlement and secure, one-time payments depending on your needs.

Do more with integrated invoice settlement by virtual card

  • Convert check payments to virtual cards to reduce check costs and eliminate 1099 reporting
  • Process thousands of invoices in minutes
  • Simplify the reconciliation of payments made with credit cards
  • Control the amount processed on each payment

One-time virtual card payments streamline the payments process

Customizable approvals

Up-front reconciliation

API to ERP compatibility

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