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Reduce fleet maintenance costs and track your vehicles with GPS vehicle tracking

Help your fleet improve driving habits, minimize unscheduled repairs and maintenance, and reduce insurance rates with premium GPS tracking.

Get vehicle-level data

Reward drivers for safe driving and identify unsafe behavior like speeding, sharp turns, and harsh braking.

Reduce fraud

Monitor fraudulent behavior among drivers, trace every stop, and analyze time spent with customers.

Reduce costs

Optimize your fleet spending by reducing unnecessary fuel usage, measuring idling times, and simplifying insurance claims.

Simplify reporting and insights with one platform

Say goodbye to complex data readouts and complicated reports. With WEX,  you’ll have access to the latest data and vehicle-specific information all in one central dashboard.

When paired with your WEX fleet card, WEX premium GPS vehicle tracking  helps you:

  • Confirm vehicle location and activity at a glance 
  • Detect unsafe behavior like speeding, sharp turns, and harsh braking 
  • Track every stop and time spent with customers using landmarks 
  • Monitor fraudulent behavior with free fuel card integration 
  • Identify and replace obsolete 3G telematics units and avoid disruption of service as carriers upgrade 
  • Fine-tune your fleet operations by upgrading your existing 3G device

Optimize your fleet operations with intelligent GPS tracking

The big boost of information from GPS tracking puts businesses in a better position to protect employees from harm, so drivers can feel safer on the road knowing that their route is under the watchful eye of managers and dispatch.

Track vehicle position

Gather data via vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior.

Analyze your data

Access your reporting dashboard for vehicle location, scheduled maintenance, and emergency repairs.

Take action

Access insights for information on saving money, encouraging safe driving and spending habits, and overall fleet health, efficiency, and productivity.

Identify and stop risky behaviors with an optional onboard camera

By pairing premium GPS vehicle tracking with an onboard camera, you can help your drivers mitigate fraudulent or risky behavior, maximize compliance, and ensure accurate and on-time IFTA (International Fuel Tax Association) reporting.

  • Easily recreate accidents to share with insurance or police
  • Reduce unnecessary fuel usage by identifying and measuring idling times and locations driven
  • Monitor fraudulent behavior with free fuel card integration
  • Ensure company fuel purchases are filling company assets
  • Comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours of service requirements

WEX premium GPS tracking solutions are tailored to your needs

Fuel card integration

Our telematics integrate your WEX card fueling data at no additional cost.

Vehicle and asset tracking

Track vehicles in real time on interactive 2D, 3D, or satellite maps. Use live traffic data to find faster routes for your drivers—saving time and money.

Simplified IFTA reporting

Access reporting that shows how much fuel was consumed, how much it cost, and how many miles were driven in each state.

A full suite of solutions to power any size fleet

Large fleets

Get your drivers everywhere they need to be with a fuel card made specifically to save you money, vehicle GPS tracking and fleet analytics to optimize your deliveries, and even benefits administration solutions to help retain your best employees.

Small business

You know what it takes to build a business. Your company cars and trucks are both a large cost and a big contributor to productivity. WEX provides you easy to use and manage fuel cards to help save on expenses, keep your employees safe on the road, and make all your business payments easier to manage.

Government fleets

WEX government fleet cards give you powerful tools to increase security, streamline processes, and help fleets be safer and more efficient. With advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we’ll help you cut costs and improve fleet operations.

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