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Industry-specific solutions to modernize your business

We help simplify the business of running many types of businesses – including yours. See how WEX can help you remove business process complexity in your industry.

See how WEX serves businesses like yours

Charge point operators (CPOs)

Your business is the front line for the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Increase fleet traffic and revenue to your public charging stations by accepting WEX cards, used to fuel 18 million+ commercial and government vehicles worldwide.


You know what it takes to build a business. That’s why we make it easy to focus on your own growth with solutions like fuel cards to help save on expenses, employee benefits so you can provide the best for your employees, and secure payment solutions so you can manage payments to your suppliers with ease.

Financial institutions

With a robust virtual payments platform, you can help clients create additional revenue with confidence. Our secure, cloud-based payments solutions will help your clients process payments, strengthen relationships with providers, and optimize the bill pay experience.


Innovative fintech businesses need forward-looking payment platforms to quickly and easily adapt to a changing world. Ensure your solution has the leading payments offering to efficiently manage, process, and automate your users’ payments experience.

Fuel stations (retail gas stations and truck stops)

Grow your business and your customer base by accepting WEX fuel cards to increase revenue, and improve profitability.

Health plans

Empower employers and participants to make the best benefits decisions and reduce hands-on tasks. Our benefits technology platform and leading benefits accounts help you grow your business and take better care of employees.

HR and benefits technology

Benefits technology (bentech) service providers can harness the power of one platform to simplify onboarding and reporting in your platform. Experience real-time data and decision-making at your fingertips to achieve your HR and benefits administration goals.


Serve all of your clients with one streamlined payments platform to help you simplify bill payments and solutions and better manage payables with enhanced security.


Save costs and simplify your transition to digital payments with payment management, payment delivery, and supplier services designed for stability, flexibility, and security across all payables and payment activities.

Public sector

Increase security and improve operational efficiency across your operations – from premium GPS tracking and fleet analytics to employee benefits for government agencies, WEX technology is designed to streamline complex billing and financial transactions.

Small business

Simplify fuel and other business payments with fuel cards and owner-operator trucking cards that are safer than cash, factoring solutions to help manage your cash flow, and a suite of analytics and GPS tracking technology to help track your valuable assets with confidence.


Expand your payments capabilities and generate unexpected value across your technologies by white-labeling the WEX payments platform, designed to seamlessly integrate through payments APIs that help you add new levels of customization.

Third-party benefit administrators

Embed technology in your benefits administration solution with the WEX benefits platform, designed to help you quickly and easily deploy benefits cards, an array of benefits accounts, and more.

Travel agencies

Scale your business across the globe with confidence using a suite of products built specifically for the travel industry, including smarter global payments for intermediaries, solutions for paying suppliers fast, and insights to keep you ahead of the competition.

Trucking and logistics

Save money on the road and access the credit you need to grow your business. WEX can help with trucking fuel cards, factoring services to help you get paid faster, and trucking analytics to help you stay informed with reliable data.

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Win with WEX

Uplift: Fintech

The need:

Uplift needed a reliable, seamless, and sophisticated payment solution that could provide robust data and manage the complexity of multiple touchpoints in the user experience.

The solution:

WEX implemented an enterprise-grade virtual card program with custom configurations and capabilities that has helped Uplift expand their services and push into new markets.

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Win with WEX

Hammer Construction: Fleet

The need:

While managing a fleet of vehicles scattered across hundreds of miles for long stretches at a time, Hammer struggled with significant monthly expenses and transactions on items prohibited by company policy.

The solution:

Hammer Construction has used WEX payment platforms and fleet analytics to achieve new levels of employee accountability, all while identifying new ways to improve operations for maximum efficiency.

Learn how WEX can fuel your business growth.