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Getting More out of Your WEX Fleet Card with ClearView Snap Analytics

Posted March 19, 2019


The most powerful fleet cards of today are paired with fleet analytics platforms that drive business insight. Wikipedia defines analytics as “the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making.” In short, analytics are the connective tissue between data and effective decision making within an organization.

Many small businesses rely on fleet cards to allow their drivers to fuel at convenient locations, as well as to provide them with basic data reporting. But does your fleet card pair with an analytics platform that presents your fueling data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs? If not, you may be missing out on critical business insights that fueling data can provide.


ClearView Snap Analytics and Reporting for Small Businesses

By using a WEX Fleet card and ClearView Snap, actionable insights on fueling and purchasing behavior are delivered straight to your inbox. ClearView Snap, the third member of WEX’s ClearView analytics platform, provides dashboard-based views in the form of charts and graphs. ClearView Snap push reports depict purchasing trends over time, highlight areas of risky behavior, and identify specific drivers who exhibit non-compliant behaviors such as irregular spending.

“By flagging areas of concern, ClearView Snap [enables] fleets to address mishaps at early stages, helping protect their businesses from potential losses and long term problems,” Kurt Thearling, vice president of analytics for WEX told Automotive Fleet Magazine. “We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to continue to enhance this powerful tool that has already provided ease of use and peace of mind to our customers.”


Fuel Expense Insights Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

It’s hard to improve what you can’t easily measure. This is why WEX partnered with its customers to pilot ClearView Snap, gathering input as to what managers and operators of smaller fleets need from their reporting tools.

ClearView Snap provides a quick snapshot of your company’s fueling activity in easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. ClearView Snap dashboards include:

  • Fuel consumption in gallons and dollars
  • Mid- and premium-grade fuel purchasing
  • A list of your highest-spending drivers

With ClearView Snap, you can stay informed. Quick-read reports delivered to your inbox allow you to easily:

  • Review fleet spending behavior in easy-to-understand charts and graphs
  • Monitor data trends to spot potential problems and target savings opportunities
  • Check fuel consumption and purchasing breakdowns by product
  • Identify your highest-spending drivers month-to-month

With a WEX Fleet card, there’s no need to pour over spreadsheets because ClearView Snap does the heavy lifting for you. Based on your WEX fleet card transaction data, it presents your spending over time, alerting you to irregular spending patterns and potential spending spikes that are easy to miss when working off of spreadsheets.

Think you might not be getting enough out of your fleet card? Here’s a fact sheet with dashboard examples so that you can easily understand the rich business insights ClearView Snap provides.


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