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Online Travel Agencies

Put your efforts to booking, not bookkeeping.

Payment Solutions for Online Travel Agencies

WEX online travel agency payment processing, virtual card payments, and automated reconciliation make it easy to master any volume of bookings. Our virtual card payments create opportunity by reducing effort, fraud risk, and reimbursement turnaround time, while also solving your interchange fluctuation and payment acceptance issues. We do it with:


Industry-leading uptime, operational transparency, flexibility, and security for global transactions


Multiple card payment schemes, product types and currencies to serve a range of needs

Industry Expertise & Partnership

Insight into ever-changing global requirements and best practices for travel payments

Why partner with WEX?

Get rid of overcharges

Use WEX to eliminate supplier overcharges from miscommunications around settlement price, associated chargebacks, and the time-consuming reconciliation process they create.

Say good-bye to foreign fees

Use WEX to pay your suppliers in local currency and to avoid costly exchange fees – while simultaneously speeding up reconciliation through automated accounting and administrative processes.

Power payments that do more

Modern payment technology not only reduces the cost of paying suppliers, it can also create value beyond the payment. But it needs to be built on flexible platforms that can quickly and easily adapt to new business models and have completely dependable security at the core. That’s exactly how we’ve engineered the WEX platform.

Discover everything WEX Payment Solutions for the travel industry can do for you.

Learn about WEX Payment Solutions

WEX Payment Technologies:

  • WEX Payment Management System
  • WEX Payment Processor

Learn about electronic payments

Payment Services:

  • Seamless API Integration
  • Multi-scheme processing
  • Dispute management and chargebacks

See why more travel companies partner with WEX

See how WEX Payment Technologies integrate the capabilities online travel agencies need most

By combining the right products and services into one powerful payment engine, WEX helps you manage the speed and volume of travel payments in ways you couldn’t before.