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Boost participation and ROI with employee benefit analytics

With WEX benefit analytics, you can better understand your enrollment and plan performance to improve engagement and member satisfaction.

Get a closer look at benefits engagement

Simple dashboards

Quickly see what’s happening with enrollment, call center, elections, and costs in your dashboards.

Actionable insights

Use analytics to evaluate account and plan performance to optimize benefit offerings.

Built for integration

Our benefits analytics are designed for integration with your benefits platform, making it easy to see the data from anywhere.

Make decisions on benefit offerings and plan designs based on data

  • Report out to leadership on year-over-year election and cost changes.
  • View participation rates with just a few clicks.
  • Monitor enrollments during annual enrollment and throughout the year.
  • Identify and follow up with employees who haven’t yet made their elections.
  • Understand topics employees are calling customer service teams about.
  • Get insight into employees’ service needs when they call the call center.
  • Understand demographic characteristics (age, gender, income) of employees as they enroll, select benefits, use the call center, and log in to the portal.
  • Illustrate the volume and status of files imported/exported, types of employee changes, and employee communications.

Enhance your benefits offering with WEX

Benefits platform

Maximize your customization options and minimize friction to power your program ahead of the competition with the WEX benefits platform.


Help your team members save on out-of-pocket qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses, or qualified dependent care expenses with an FSA.


Choose a health savings account (HSA) with WEX to give your employees a simple way to pay for eligible medical expenses, save for retirement, and invest.

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WEX can help you take your benefits offering to the next level