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Elevate your benefits offering with a flexible, easy-to-use health benefits platform

Simplify the process of designing a benefits offering that adapts to your members’ needs. See how the WEX employee benefits platform maximizes your customization options and minimizes friction to power your program ahead of the competition.

  • Customized
  • Personalized
  • Scalable
  • White-label to meet your needs
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A benefits platform built for configurability, security, and scale


Our benefits platform is built for flexibility, allowing you to include one or many types of benefits accounts to meet the needs of your employees and clients.


Build your benefits offering with your own personalized look and feel on a platform that is fully customizable to use with your own employees and members, or to match any brand and fulfill your clients’ needs.


The WEX benefits platform is designed to perform at scale, all built on advanced technology to meet complex infrastructure, security, and integration requirements.

Use our platform or white-label it

Use our platform to provide industry-leading benefits

Creating the best possible member experience means giving employers and members personalized, intuitive guidance in selecting, using, paying for, and saving with their health benefits. 

  • Meet your hire-to-retire benefit needs with the innovative, fully-customizable WEX benefit accounts platform 
  • Offer participants and members access via one platform, one benefits card, and one mobile app
  • Enjoy support all year–especially during annual enrollment–from the experienced WEX account team

Build your unique offering on our benefits platform

Integrate or white-label our easy-to-use suite of innovative benefits technology to offer a custom set of innovative employee and member benefits.

  • Fully integrate your brand or your clients’ brand across the platform
  • Explore our flexible partner support and service models to solve your biggest challenges
  • Be confident in your business opportunity, supported by WEX’s continual innovation in a dynamic and complex market

Easy-to-use technology that makes benefits administration simple

One platform, built for customization and simplicity

Provide clients and participants with one login for their online account management across multiple enrollment options, a mobile app, benefits cards, and benefit accounts.

Education made easy

Help participants and members make the most of your benefit offerings with instant access to our wide library of customizable self-service benefits educational resources.

Personalized, intuitive experiences

Build customized member journeys that help participants use their benefits to improve their health and financial wellness with fewer support challenges.

Experienced account and partner relationship teams

Every WEX benefits client is supported by an account or partner relationship team, along with libraries of participant and open enrollment educational content, marketing resources, and tools.

“When asked, “Why WEX?”, the answer is easy: reliability and dedication. I have never worked with another partner with such amazing staff. They embrace the word PARTNER to the fullest. We never feel like a client, but rather a partner working together to a common goal: success.”

–HRC Total Solutions

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Reduce friction and grow your benefits offering

The WEX benefits platform makes it possible for participants to easily access and manage all their benefits with one online account, one mobile app, and one debit card.

Scalable and efficient

Save time and money by utilizing our automated, frictionless processes to relieve your administrative workload.

Simplified management

Quickly see what employees and participants find most valuable with advanced benefits analytics.

Built for security

Protect sensitive health data and personal information with the secure WEX benefits platform.

Expert support

From migration support to member support, we have you covered at both the employer and participant level.

Industry solutions for your specific needs

Financial institutions

Earn new revenue, win more business and deepen client relationships with a robust benefits platform.

Health Plans

Create a highly personalized member journey across all markets, and equip your clients with innovative tools that engage members in their health.

HR and benefits technology

Enhance your marketplace, grow your book of business, and streamline your client experience — all while meeting the changing needs of employers and employee

Public sector

Improve your benefit offerings for constituents and employees on a platform that is easy to implement and manage for you and your members.

Taft-Hartley plans

Simplify the complexities of administering Taft-Hartley plans with a benefits platform customized to your members’ needs.

Third-party administrators

Easily and efficiently administer numerous consumer-driven health accounts and COBRA.

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