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Benefits compliance & COBRA services

Reduce your workload in providing benefits and other plans that meet federal rules and regulations.

Your complete benefits administration solution

Ensure compliance

Stay ahead of ever-changing rules and regulations through automation and WEX’s dedicated compliance teams. We’ll help you save money by preventing costly penalties for non-compliance.

Reduce calls to HR

Our expert customer service teams ensure more satisfied participants with significantly less administration on your end.

Simplify life for your HR teams

Our automation capabilities reduce time spent on tedious manual processes and result in fewer compliance issues.

We make benefits compliance easy

Maintaining compliance in benefits management is as complex as it is important. Errors put your company at risk for potential fines, penalties, and litigation. WEX helps you stay ahead of the risk and simplifies the process with:

  • Cloud-based benefit administration, online enrollment, payroll & carrier integration 
  • Streamlined enrollments at any time, on any device 
  • Seamless integrations for data flow when running compliance checks & tests
benefits SaaS accounts*

(*Represents Q4 2023 average)

HSAs on the WEX benefits platform*

(*as of January 2024)

Fortune 1000 companies on the benefits platform*

(*January 2024 audit)

See how WEX serves businesses like yours


Make COBRA administration easy with our seamless, automated solution.

Non-discrimination testing

Comprehensive testing for complete transparency and compliance.

ACA administration

Turn complicated compliance tracking and reporting into a simple, one-click process.

Dependent eligibility verification audits

Eliminate ineligible participants and save money.

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