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Where in-depth travel industry expertise and the widest set of product options power global success.

Work with the travel payments experts

With more travel payment options and flexible funding choices than any other virtual card provider, we work with leading travel intermediaries to efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. We help our clients innovate at scale to win in rapidly changing markets. Welcome to WEX Travel.

How WEX leads the industry

Industry leader Anthony (Anth) Hynes, Executive Advisor to WEX Inc. and former President of WEX Travel, shares why so many travel agencies and suppliers put their trust in WEX solutions and expertise.

These companies trust us. You can too.


Everything travel intermediaries need

In a dynamic industry like travel, only the fastest, easiest, most secure B2B payments solution will do. WEX Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) help travel intermediaries automate reconciliation, minimize counter-party risk, reduce fraud, and deliver better payments outcomes across the value chain. At the same time, payment optionality and flexible funding choices let you pay suppliers the way they prefer to be paid – without any extra work. It’s all possible when you partner with WEX. 

  • Number one virtual card provider in travel payments 
  • Partner of the world’s leading travel intermediaries
  • Global coverage provider across all major markets and currencies 
  • Best-in-class technology leader assuring critical supplier payments
  • 100+ years of knowledge and experience in travel distribution and payments

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