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Travel intermediary solution

A comprehensive tool for travel intermediaries and online travel agencies.

Smarter global payment solutions for travel intermediaries

Create a seamless, secure, global travel payments experience by leveraging WEX’s expertise and breadth of payment options. We’ve revolutionized travel supplier payments over the past two decades and continue to lead with innovation.



As payments specialists and travel experts, we provide insights and solutions that will benefit your business.



We drive a powerful, integrated, global travel payments solution for the world’s largest travel intermediaries.



We offer the widest range of virtual card payment options with multiple issuing locations, card types, and currencies.

See why virtual payments offer greater value

WEX Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) are like any Mastercard® or VISA®, but without the plastic – and perfectly adapted for travel payments. Automatically generated with all the essential information such as card number and expiration date, our VCNs also have unique attributes that make them perfect for travel supplier payments.

The benefits of WEX VCNs:

  • Reduced risk of fraud: unique features make misuse difficult and reduce the impact if it does occur.
  • Lower cost: faster reconciliation and other process efficiencies reduce the cost of making and managing payments compared to most alternatives.
  • Protection from supplier failure: chargeback rights can recover funds even if the supplier has ceased operations.

Working with WEX means working with the best

#1 in VCN
Most large global travel intermediaries use WEX Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) to deliver the best possible outcomes for their business.
100+ million
100+ million transactions annually. Every year, we pay hundreds of thousands of suppliers across more than 200 countries and territories, processing 125+ point-of-sale currencies.
100+ years
100+ years of experience. Our team of experts boasts unmatched travel distribution and payments expertise to fulfill our quest for the perfect customer experience.

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