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Robert Deshaies leadership
Robert Deshaies
President, Health

As president of Health, Robert is responsible for WEX’s health and benefits solutions. Robert joined WEX in 2014 when the company acquired Evolution1 to expand into the healthcare payments business. Prior to taking on his current role as president, Robert was responsible for accelerating the revenue growth and market presence of WEX’s Health division, overseeing sales, marketing, business development, operations, product marketing, and customer experience.

Before joining Evolution1 in 2012, Robert served as global executive vice president and general manager at Sage, where he led multi-hundred million-dollar business units. Prior to that, he held senior leadership positions at Microsoft Corporation in the U.S., developing strategy and management for its ecosystem of more than 300,000 partners. He was responsible for delivering $12.5 billion in revenue and led a team focused on maximizing revenue growth for the company’s products and services. Robert graduated from Westfield State University. He serves on the boards of Selva Hills Partners in Orange County, California, and Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California.

What are some professional accomplishments and highlights of your career thus far?

I have a 25-year history of starting, building and scaling businesses—and delivering results. While I’m proud of the revenue growth for WEX’s Health division and the impact it has had on the company, I am most proud of the internal team and culture I’ve helped build since I joined WEX, and what a journey it has been! As a team, we’ve accomplished amazing things—and that’s an understatement. We’ve increased our presence in the market and have consistently delivered results. Our team continues to grow and succeed because of the talent and creative vision they bring to the table every day.

What gets you excited about what you’re doing?

The healthcare business is constantly changing, which provides the opportunity to work on solutions for abstract ideas and situations that impact cross-functional areas of the industry. I am incredibly passionate about identifying issues for our partners and then solving challenges with innovative solutions.

How do you stay on top of industry news and trends?

I’m a voracious reader and lifelong learner. I love digging in to understand where our industry is headed and what our partners are doing. Because we touch so many aspects of the health and payments industries, I have to stay on top of what is happening with administrators, health planners, financial institutions, payroll providers and more.

What makes a good partner?

With much of my early career spent working at and with partner-focused organizations, I have a passion for developing and executing partner strategy. A good partnership is demonstrated by the belief that when your partner succeeds, you succeed. A good partner also realizes that people matter most. Technology, products and solutions—yes, these are all important. But people are more important than all of those.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking?

I believe that empowered people do great things. I’m a fan of setting clear objectives, goals and outcomes for my teams and for myself. I’m also a fan of cross-functional efficiency and effectiveness. While it may sound or seem obvious, these things are essential to our continued growth and success. I’m not a fan of making rules just to make rules or changing processes that don’t need changing. It is a waste of valuable time and energy and hampers creativity rather than sparking it.

What motto sums up your work philosophy?

In 2005, Steve Jobs advised Stanford graduates to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” For me, that means focusing on the part of my job that thrills me. That’s the thrill of winning, whether that’s growing a business faster than others expected or closing a huge deal against our biggest competitors or turning a tough relationship around. By working every day to accomplish the things that thrill you, your job remains interesting, exciting and fulfilling.

What are your personal passions outside of work?

My family—my wife, Dawnmarie, and our three children—is my biggest priority. We enjoy surfing, walking the beach, hiking, exploring, and we treasure the memories we make when we travel around the world. I have a passion for physical fitness, photography, and Multiple Sclerosis advocacy.