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When It Comes to Over-the-Road Trucking, Size Matters!

Posted November 15, 2019


Over-the-road trucking is in high demand across the nation, and speed is a priority. That is why fleets of one to a hundred are focused on the details of running their business in the most efficient way possible. What they are finding is that not all products and services are one size fits all. Size matters! Whether you are managing complicated logistics for hundreds of trucks or tracking lanes and loads for just a few assets, the importance of that freight does not change for the shipper or the carrier. What does change is the way it is handled. Size will often dictate which tools and systems are right for the company.

Not All Payments Are “One -Size Fits All”

Not all payments are the same, especially when it comes to efficiencies in managing expenses. Fleet cards have become essential in managing and tracking expenses. Depending on the number of users in your fleet, advantages and benefits can vary. Companies like EFS/WEX have made it their business to determine what is best for your fleet, so you don’t have to guess. Whether you are running a small business or a government fleet, fleet card choices are abundant and you will surely find one that can provide the most efficient solutions for the job at hand.

1. Small Business: A small over-the-road trucking company has to be nimble and responsive. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses they will face, which is why a fuel card is vital. Small business fuel cards provide benefits to owner/operators as well as small business managers. Universal fleet cards are accepted nationwide at more than 45,000 fuel station locations. EFS/WEX solutions are designed to grow with your business, to help keep more of your money where it belongs. These cards can even find the cheapest fuel along the specific route the driver is taking. That kind of advantage can save a company more than just money. Small business fuel cards can also offer flexible credit so the company can save money on fuel while carrying a monthly balance when cashflow is tight.

2. Large Fleets: Clearly, a large over-the-road fleet is a bigger challenge with a lot more details to manage. Fleet cards developed to help in the process will provide way more than just payment. Large-fleet fuel cards offer all of the advantages above while also helping to optimize fleet efficiencies, from lowering expenses and reducing risk to GPS tracking and advanced data analytics.

3. Government Fleets: While government fleets will require most of the same tools and systems any large fleet demands, a few things set these fleets apart — security, tax exemptions, and reporting. The EFS/WEX government fleet card offers streamlined processes for safer and more productive use of taxpayer money. This government fleet card also offers advanced analytics, government tax exemptions and reporting, and 24/7 customer support. With controls and security in a fleet card like this, the organization will not only cut costs but also improve fleet operations.

"Our city assigns (fleet) cards to vehicles, so it’s been great to be able to manage our profiles online, add drivers, and order new cards. I can go onto the WEX Online website and view my whole account… We can run reports by department, making it easier to manage our budget."

— Betty Stackley, city clerk, City of Pevely, Missouri


Staying on Top of What Lies Ahead

Just like most industry, the trucking industry relies on technology for growth. And even though a fleet card seems simple, the tech built into each card provides multiple opportunities for success.

  • Fleet fuel cards with automatic expense tracking, enhanced security, and detailed reporting. 
  • Powerful mobile apps to access accounts and help drivers find the cheapest nearby fuel, pay at the pump, and more.
  • Premium GPS telematics for tracking vehicle location, speed, fuel use, and more—to capture the data you need to keep improving your bottom line.
  • Advanced analytics software to keep you informed, help you find new ways to save, and streamline your overall fleet operations.

So, depending on the size of your fleet, there are companies like EFS/WEX that can help to leverage your specific resources so you can get the most out of your operations. And while a fleet card is a seemingly small component of business, they are proven to provide huge advantages in the effort to grow business by staying on top of what lies ahead.







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