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Posted October 1, 2015

coach fleet success


Being a business leader can mean a lot of different things. As a fleet manager you naturally want to find ways to inspire success out of your team. In today’s day and age, more companies are learning the value of “coaching,” or not just delegating, but also training and teaching your staff.

In order to become a coach of your fleet, you need to be concerned with the development of your employees. Plus, you must also think of your company as a team with its own set of needs and goals. Above all else, remember that being a coach isn’t the same as being the boss.

To clarify these issues and help you coach your fleet to success, here are three easy ways to improve this aspect of business leadership:

1. Improve your workplace relationships
The key to all management, including fleet management, is the workplace relationship. According to Forbes, becoming a better coach on the job requires you to have this foundation in place first. Integrate yourself into your team, talking to people on a regular basis and being patient when solving problems. Build trust when you can, and try to be as compassionate as possible without sacrificing your authority.

2. Let your team take control
As a fleet manager, you likely have a fair number of employees beneath you. One of the best things you can do to coach them is to let them take control, according to the consulting firm New Directions. For example, avoid micro-managing. Trust your staff to know their roles and perform them admirably. Step back from time to time to see if the company can operate smoothly without your input in every facet of each day.

3. Be prepared for anything
A great coach can handle anything and adapt on the fly. New Directions recommended that you will want to have a similar approach in your workplace. You never know when things could change, and if you can’t be ready for surprises your company could suffer. So, get your team prepared for these shifts. Make sure each employee is well-trained and knows how to cover other aspects of the job. This way, when things do go awry, everybody can step up and perform.

Overall, a coach needs to be a resource for his or her company. As a fleet manager, look for ways to support your staff and help them grow, so your business can prosper for years to come.