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Hurricane Dorian: Brace for the Storm

Posted August 31, 2019


As of Friday evening, Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall Monday or Tuesday as a Category 4 storm, while the East Coast of Florida and parts of Georgia and the Carolinas brace for its impact. A state of emergency is in effect for all of Florida and parts of Georgia. Residents are on high alert, and fleet managers should be prepared to take precautions to protect their fleets and their employees over the long weekend. At WEX Fleet, we have gathered the below tips and resources to help fleet managers prepare for the storm. 


Watch the Weather

The safety of your fleet should be your number one priority. Fleetin the path of the storm can stay up-to-date with the latest weather updates via local news or NOAA Weather Radio. Once the storm hits, stay off the roads. Do not drive around barricades. Emphasize to your drivers that almost half of all flood fatalities occur in vehicles, and a mere two feet of water can sweep away a car, truck, or SUV.  


Have a Communication Plan

If you don’t already have an emergency communication plan in place, create one now. Make sure your drivers have an emergency contingency plan, including where they should go if they are caught in the storm.  


Stay Updated 

These resources provide up-to-the-minute information on Hurricane Dorian: 

Get Relief 

If you are caught in an area impacted by the hurricane, utilize these relief services: 


WEX Resources 

  • Access your account 24 hours a day by logging in online or downloading the SmartHub mobile app to track spending, make payments, and manage your cards. Download the mobile app through the App Store or Google Play (Android, iPhone, iPad). 
  • Get the latest fuel prices and closest service stations at your fingertips with WEX Connect, which helps drivers find fuel and service stations available in the local area. Download the mobile app through the App Store or Google Play (Android, iPhone, iPad). 
  • Check out the WEX Fleet dispatch blog for additional information and insights on best managing the ongoing impact a natural disaster or fluctuations in fuel prices. 
  • How to Prepare Your Fleet for a Natural Disaster 
  • 4 Ways to Adapt to Changing Fuel Prices 
  • Follow us on Social Media @WEXFleet


Wishing you a safe storm from everyone at WEX Fleet. 


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