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Shiny Happy Fleets

Posted February 5, 2018


Two things happen in warmer weather. People spend a lot more time outside and on the road, and businesses like pool cleaners, landscapers and pest control are in heavy demand. So it only makes sense that those types of companies should take advantage of having all those potential new customers walking and driving by their vehicles.

Attention grabbers

Vehicle wraps with eye-catching graphics can instantly tell a company’s story. A mosquito control company owner recently profiled in Business Fleet considers his boldly designed van wraps a major marketing tool. “We drive the van around even during non-business hours,” he told the magazine. “It’s helping get the word out about our brand.”

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that a wrapped vehicle gets seen up to 70,000 times a day, at a cost of just 77 cents per 1,000 views.

Wraps are a significant investment, running a few thousand dollars per vehicle, and hour upon hour in the sun can cause fading. One graphics company offers these key summer care tips:

  • Park in a shaded area if possible.
  • If a shaded area is not available, rotate the direction of the vehicle each time you park in the sun, to avoid having one side fade prematurely
  • Use protective polish made specifically for vehicle graphics.

Keeping it simple

If budget doesn’t allow for a wrap, or it just doesn’t suit the company image, a clearly visible company name logo, phone number and website written on the driver and passenger doors may be enough to generate new business.

But appearance still matters. Dents and scratches, dirt and grease may say “hard worker” within a company, but it also says “sloppy/doesn’t care” to many others. A clean and well-maintained truck, car or van indicates a level of professionalism that reassures customers. Drivers get that same message, and will treat the vehicle better so that it keeps looking sharp. They are also far more likely to reflect that professionalism in their interactions with customers.


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