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How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Posted March 27, 2020


The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been monumental. Many employers have quickly mobilized their workforce to work from home to do their part to flatten the curve. And even some heartwarming stories have emerged about people bridging social distance gaps in unconventional ways, such as Dallas residents singing “Lean on Me” from their apartment windows.

If you’re working from home, you may be enjoying the freedom to work in your sweatpants, but it’s not uncommon to miss the structure and socialization of a designated workplace. Here are three tips to help you work from home effectively.


Establish a hard start and stop time

Keep regular hours to prevent burnout and ensure that your colleagues know when to reach you. And, at the end of your workday, make it a ritual to turn off your computer and the lights in your home office. This is a helpful reminder that you have “left” work even though your work and home settings are the same. That way, you’re ready to turn your attention to other things in your life that matter, such as your family, friends and hobbies.


Continue practicing at-home wellness

Wellness looks different for everybody, but rest, hydration and joyful movement are universally helpful. Try to get up once every hour if your schedule allows. Take your 15-minute breaks like usual, drink plenty of water, and check out these creative at-home wellness tips:

  • If using your fitness tracker helps you during a normal work week, continue using it while working from home.
  • If your gym is temporarily closed, some personal trainers are currently offering virtual sessions. You can also access free home workouts on YouTube.
  • Maintaining relationships is important, too, so don’t be too shy to get video chats going with friends and loved ones!
  • Open curtains and windows, and go for walks outside, to get the light and fresh air you need.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if your movement or eating habits change during social distancing. Positive self-talk is essential in times of stress and rapid changes.
  • Set boundaries — with work, social media and with getting news updates — if it’s all too much. Remember to continue doing what brings you joy.


Stay connected with your calendar and your colleagues 

To maximize your time management, put some space between your meetings by scheduling time for you to do work. Prioritize this personal work time and “need to attend” meetings over “nice to attend” meetings, so that you can focus on responding to emails and completing deliverables.

When you do join meetings, use your video to maintain a more personal connection to your colleagues. Outside of meetings, get creative and virtually connect with your teammates as much as possible to catch up.


These are just three of many tips that can make working remotely a healthy, positive experience. Now we want to hear from you! What makes working from home work for you?


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