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Posted February 16, 2016

mobile payments


It’s 2016, and by all estimations mobile payments are in for another year of growth around the globe. Both consumers and merchants are getting more comfortable with the technology, determining how, when, and why they want to use it for everyday transactions.

Solutions providers are likewise honing in on the best value propositions and tailoring their products and services to meet the marketplace’s evolving needs. Let’s take a look at what various studies have uncovered about mobile payments and explore where mobile payments stand today and where they might take us in the future.

Infographic: Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have taken off across the world, but differ from country to country in terms of adoption rate, model, and payment method. As the world takes a deeper look into the present and future of mobile payments, WEX shares with you some of the key trends and talking points:

  • The Four Primary Mobile Payments Models: Contactless NFC, Web-Based Payments, Direct Mobile Billing, and Premium SMS
  • How Much Money Consumers Spend Using Mobile Payments
  • General Global Readiness for Mobile Payments
  • The Market for Mobile Payments in the US
  • Speed of Mobile Adoption
  • Payment Types Used in Mobile Payments
  • Wearables, Now and in the Future
  • How Starbucks Captured Mobile Payments Success

Learn more and download our infographic on The Global Evolution of Mobile Payments:

Corporate Payments Insights

Corporate Payments Insights