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Posted June 22, 2018

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Follow Your Heart’s Desires with WEX’s New Sabbatical Program, Expedition

Four weeks of paid vacation to pursue your passions? At WEX, it’s not only possible for you to take that time; it’s encouraged for you to take that time. We believe that personal development is just as important as professional development, which is why we now offer a growth opportunity to all our employees worldwide. Intended to bring new perspectives, energy and ideas into WEX workplaces when employees return, this is Expedition: The WEX Sabbatical Program.

Through Expedition, employees who have been with us for six or more consecutive years are eligible to apply for four weeks (20 consecutive working days) of paid leave from WEX, during which they may do anything they choose. Expeditions can include things like volunteer activities that give back to your community, enrollment in a class you’ve always wanted to take, or pursuing a passion to enrich your life. It’s your development journey, so it only makes sense that the choices of how to spend this time are yours, too.

This year, we’re excited to officially launch our Expedition program and send a new group of forty applicants into a time of personal growth and adventure.

Why a Sabbatical Program?

Though certainly not unheard of, sabbatical leave remains a relatively rare benefit offered by American companies. In 2017, research indicated only 17% of U.S.-based employers offered sabbatical programs, with fewer than a third of those programs including pay. But research also shows those numbers are rising—and for good reason.

Evidence suggests that everyone benefits when employees take sabbaticals, organizations included. Upon their return, individuals who took sabbaticals reported increased overall wellbeing and life satisfaction and decreased levels of stress. And those benefits have been found to last long after the post-vacation glow subsides. These sentiments were shared by WEX employees who participated in our sabbatical program pilot last year. From new levels of confidence and a mental fresh start to a healthier state of mind and body, the rave reviews of participants solidified what we already knew—our sabbatical program would be here to stay.

The best part? This employee benefit doesn’t just benefit employees. Organizations come out stronger post-sabbatical, too. When an employee leaves the office for a period, others are given the opportunity to step up and hone their leadership skills. Not only that, but time away can mean time to generate fresh ideas and presents employers an opportunity to stress-test their organizational chart. Moral of the story: time off pays off.

We’re excited to offer this opportunity to WEXers, and we’re even more excited to see what they get up to during their time away—and all the great things they’ll bring back to WEX when they return.

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