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Posted February 26, 2019

melanie tinto job search advice


At WEX, we’ve come to count on the guidance of our chief human resources officer, Melanie Tinto. Now, national media outlets are turning to her for advice, too. Over the weekend, shared Melanie’s tips for today’s job hunters, using her insights to debunk six common job-search myths.

Some of the topics Melanie covers: Should you limit your resume to a single page? Should you optimize it for the Applicant Tracking System? What role should your LinkedIn profile play in your hunt? Melanie addresses these topics and several others in the article.

Melanie joined WEX in 2018, bringing an almost 20-year track record of leading global talent acquisition, talent management, leadership development and organizational development for large, multi-billion dollar corporations. Prior to WEX, Melanie served as Medtronic’s vice president of talent acquisition, talent management and its chief learning officer. She also served as Hewlett-Packard’s vice president of executive leadership development and organizational development. 

We encourage you to click on over to to hear what Melanie had to say about the best ways to ensure you get hired for the job you want.


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