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Posted July 24, 2017

Inside WEX


Have you noticed anything different about our corporate blog lately? We recently changed the name to “Inside WEX,” and that change is more than just cosmetic. Our readers told us they wanted to hear more about WEX beyond our products and services. In response, we’re expanding our coverage.

“We want to share stories that take readers inside the company to get a real feeling for what it’s like to work here, our commitment to our communities, and the people behind our global presence and success. We hope to paint a fuller picture of WEX that reflects our dynamic, innovative spirit in a more personal way that inspires and informs our readers,” says Jessica Roy, WEX vice president of corporate communications.

A new regular feature – Meet a WEXer – gives you a virtual introduction to people throughout the company and across the globe. Drawing from all levels of the organization, these conversations offer insight into our culture and work environment, as well as the skills and career paths that led people to WEX. Every story promises to be as unique as the WEXer it profiles.

You’ll also see more news about how the company and our employees shape and support our communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. At WEX, we’re passionate about our commitment to social responsibility, so look for more stories about the great organizations that we are privileged to work with.

And of course, we’ll continue to tap company thought leaders for insight on the innovations and trends shaping the payments industry. We’ll cast our net wide to bring you a variety of articles designed to help you get to know us better. Many of them will include photos and videos to help bring our stories to life. Please check back regularly, and contact us at with your feedback and suggestions for future posts.


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