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Posted February 22, 2018

Nova Rudder


A self-proclaimed “glass half full kind of person,” Marketing Coordinator Nova Rudder has parlayed her optimistic, people-centric attitude and skills into a thriving career at our Nashville office. A Tennessee native, Nova got her professional start in customer service for a mortgage company where she advanced into a leadership position. She made the jump to marketing, and to Nashville, five years ago to work at FleetOne – a company that was later acquired by WEX.

“My initial position as a lead coordinator in marketing drew heavily on my extensive customer service skills while I built my knowledge of the transportation industry,” remembers Nova. “At the time, the company was focused on servicing small trucking fleets, and I was responsible for managing inbound sales leads. That meant providing a great initial experience for those potential customers and making sure they were successfully routed to the appropriate person in sales.”

From that entry-level role, Nova started to grow towards her current position as a marketing coordinator, where she continues to draw on her ability to make connections with our customers. Whether it’s prospecting or customer engagement, she notes that thinking about audiences and how we communicate with them is central to marketing. She also loves the way her role continues to support sales, and you can see her talk about that, and the importance of integrity, in her video profile below.

OTR Marketing Focus

As a member of a four-person marketing team focused on our OTR (over the road) fleet card business, Nova currently works with our strategic channel sales team to help create a full range of sales collateral designed to attract new customers. She also works on partner marketing support, overseeing the creation of the marketing items our new OTR customers need to get their card programs up and running.

Working with both internal and external creatives to develop a broad range of marketing materials is one of Nova’s favorite aspects of her job. These days, our marketing materials often take the form of digital deliverables – from web portals and email campaigns to videos. Nova is especially excited about the videos the marketing team has been putting out to provide information about OTR products and services in this popular digital format.

Nova jokes that she’s also earned the title of Saleforce subject matter expert in the office. She was introduced to the software when she joined the company and jumped at the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the tool. While she no longer uses the system as much, she’s still involved with creating and testing new features within the tool that can benefit the sales team. “I possess an inner hunger for knowledge, and some people may call me a nerd, but I’m proud of that title,” says Nova of her experience.

Being part of a global company definitely has its advantages according to Nova. Collaborating with our fleet teams in other locations has been a source of inspiration and new friendships. While many of these meetings take place via WebEx, Nova has been thrilled to meet many fellow WEXers in Maine on several occasions. These connections allow the groups to find new ways to support each other, share best practices, and celebrate accomplishments.

“I’ve built some great relationships and friendships with my colleagues from across the organization even though we may not always have proximity,” says Nova. “These kinds of working relationships make the work that much more enjoyable and our teams that much more successful.”


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